Basics of the Warrior Class

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Welcome to's Warrior Section!

I. Intro
II. Gear Dependency
III. What makes a Warrior different from other MMOs' Warriors?
IV. Weapons
V. Strengths and Weaknesses

I. Intro
The warrior class in World of Warcraft is primarily a tank, although we have other options. What’s a tank, you ask? A tank is a class whose primary role is to keep the monsters’ attention and absorb damage while the other people in your group blast the monster with high-damage spells and heal you. The warrior is good at this as he/she can wear mail, and later plate, armor, and because he can use shields. Also, the warrior has innate abilities dealing with shields and maintaining aggro (the attention of the monster, or mob).

This is Blizzard's description of the Warrior:




Warriors are the melee-centered class. These characters are tough as nails and masters of weaponry and tactics. The special abilities of the Warrior are naturally combat-oriented. The Warrior is the ultimate toe-to-toe fighter with the most options available to him. Unlike other Warriors you might have played in other games, the Warrior of World of Warcraft has many different options and abilities to use during combat.

The Warrior can be a defensive, shielded tank, a damage-dealing powerhouse, or a mixture of the two. Their abilities obviously pertain to the art of close combat; their stances carry with them different moves for different situations and party setups. All in all, the Warrior is one of the prime candidates to capture and hold the attention of creatures while they die to sword and spell. We're not telling you how to play the game - one of the fascinating practices of this genre is the ingenuity exercised by the players every day!

As you can see, the warrior has several options: you can be a tank, mitigating loads of damage, a crazy physco damage dealer, or a mixture of both.

II. Gear Dependency
When deciding to choose whether or not to play a Warrior, it should be noted that the Warrior is very gear dependent. A warrior with outdated gear can be effectively a couple levels lower. So always keep up with your gear; search for all plate (or mail at earlier levels) armor for your revel range at the auction house every now and then to keep up to date. Of course, the best way to get new gear is by running instances. And everyone wants a warrior to be their tank .

III. What makes a Warrior different from other MMOs' Warriors?
The warrior has two bars: health and rage. Health is pretty self-explanatory; you die when it reaches zero. Rage is something unique to WoW. Instead of mana, you have rage. Rage depletes when out of combat, and you gain it mostly when dealing melee damage, and some when you take damage yourself. A two-handed weapon, for example, would give you much more rage than a one-handed weapon and a shield. The amount of rage gained per hit depends on how much damage you do compared to your level, and the amount of rage you gain when taking damage depends on how much damage you take compared to your level. You use your rage to perform special abilities, such as Battle Shout or Heroic Strike. Some abilities, such as Charge, give you rage.

Another feature of the Warrior that distinguishes him from warriors of other games is the stances. The Warrior has three stances: Battle Stance (you begin with this at level 1), Defensive Stance (obtained at level 10 by completing a quest), and Berserker Stance (obtained at level 30 by completing a quest). Each stance has its own unique abilities and certain bonuses. For example, the Charge ability is only usable in Battle Stance, but Shield Block is only usable in Defensive Stance. Also, Defensive Stance reduces both the damage you deal and the damage you take by 10%, while Berserker Stance increases the damage you take by 10% and your critical strike chance by 3%.

The stances also generate different amounts of threat. Both Battle and Berserker Stance generate 80% threat (the damage you deal and abilities you use deal 80% of the threat generated if you were not in a stance), and Defensive Stance generates 130% threat (145% with the talent Defiance).

IV. Weapons
There are three different weapon setups that the warrior has the option of using: a one-handed weapon and shield, a two-handed weapon, and dual-wield (availible at level 20...even if you don't plan on duel-wielding, it will behoove you to train the skill anyway, so if you get disarmed you can still use both fists). Using a two-handed weapon or dual-wield is designed to deal 20% more damage, but you lose the armor/block bonus of the shield (and all the abilities that come along with it, such as shield block). Because of the added damage (that you deal and you take), two-handed weapons and dual-wielding both generate more rage than the one-handed/shield combo. Dual-wield actually gives more rage than a two-handed weapon, but you will find that more warrior abilities are geared towards slow, high-damage 2h weapons, and dual-wield has a much higher miss rate (roughly 19% more). This more or less balances the two builds, although this is always disputed, and many warriors would say two-handed weapons are much better at the "endgame" for PvP (player versus player). However, a one-handed weapon and shield are mandatory for tanking endgame instances, and almost all Warriors will agree on that.

V. Strengths and Weaknesses



• Can wear all types of armor (cloth, leather, mail, plate [level 40], shields)
• Can use all types of weapons (except wands)
• Have pretty high survivability, outdone by only the Paladin, perhaps (although the Warrior is still a far better tank, and with the aid of a Paladin, has the best survivability)
• Good at melee combat and dealing damage
• Very good at holding "aggro," or the attention of a monster
• Very little downtime between fights, as the only thing you need to regenerate is health (easily healed with First Aid)
• Can close distance and stop runners with Charge or Intercept
• Able to fight continuously without having to regenerate mana: Rage is infinite.




• Very weak in ranged combat
• DPS (damage per second), although decent, is not very impressive compared to that of the Rogue or other such class (although if equipped well and specced correctly [has the right talents], a Warrior can actually rival and outdamage DPS classes)
• Very gear dependent
• Rage is accumulated through combat: you have none to begin with
• Lack of healing abilities
• No way to easily escape combat, compared to other classes

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