Picking a Server

Picking a Server

If you are new to World of Warcraft and are wondering which server to play on, there are a couple variables involved.

Do you know any family members or friends that play World of Warcraft? If so you might want to see what server they are playing on so you can join them.

How many players are you looking for on your server? Do you want a server that is highly populated or a server that has a lower population?

Do you want to play on a server where you are the under populated against the opposite side? Or do you want to play where each side has even populations? Check out http://warcraftrealms.com to see detailed information on population and server ratios.

What type of server do you want to play on? There are a couple styles to pick from including: PvE, PvP, RP, and RPPvP.

PvE - stands for Player vs Environment;This is for players who mainly want to fight against Artificial Intelligence while socializing with friends and having a good time.

PvP - stands for Player vs Player; This is for players looking to fight against other players. If you are a first time player, it is not recomend you join this server to level, often times you will get ganked by higher level players and die often. PvP servers can be very fun at times and very frustrating at other times.

RP - stands for Role Playing; This is for players looking for a more mature auidence and players who are interested acting as their character throughout the game.

RPPVP - stands for Role Playing Player vs Player; If you looking for all the elements that a PvP server has to offer combined with the elements that an RP server has, this is the type of server for you.


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