Questing In World of Warcraft

Questing in World of Warcraft, is the core of leveling up in World of Warcaft. Right from the beginning you should always have quests in your quest log.

Quests can be obtained from NPCs and shared between you and your friends. You can even get some quests from items you will obtain throughout leveling.

You'll find quests that can be obtained by everyone and some quests that are for your class only. You want to be sure to do all your class quests as they help you learn very helpful skills. Quests often include killing creatures, collecting items, and helping the NPC who gave you the quest.

NPCs that have a yellow exclamation mark above their head, mean that they have quest(s) to give you.

NPCs with a Silver Question mark over their head mean that you have a quest from them but it is not complete.

NPCs with a gold question mark over their head mean that you have completed the quest and you can talk to them and recieve your reward.

You can also keep track of your quests by hitting the "L" key or by clicking the "Quest Log" button at the bottom-center of your screen. Quests are ranging difficulty, in the quest log, you will see that quests may have different colors.

Red = Hard

Orange = Tough

Yellow = Normal

Green = Easy

Grey = Trivial

Lastly, you should always read over the quests. They tell you information on where to go and what to do. You may find quests that are group quests. These are missions that are recomended to be done with three or more players.


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