Confessions Of A NooB Tank: Remember the Time Pt.1

Lvl 50- Remember the Time.

       When I dinged level 50 I couldn’t help thinking about when my very first toon dinged 50. It was many years ago and so many things have changed. I as a person have changed in the last 6 years and so has World of Warcraft. So I would like to take this time to sit back and go over some of the things that are long lost since the game has began.

Horde Inspired Bathroom

Although we can only just imagine how Orcs, Trolls, Taurens, and other Horde races look like when they need to take a dump (we're quite sure it's not gonna be pretty), that won't stop certain Horde fans from transforming parts of their humble home into a bastion of the manliest faction in World of Warcraft. And what better way to redecorate a bathroom than to redecorate it the way a Horde would. With weapons, Alliance-scum leftovers, heads of slain Black Dragonflight, and then some.

How about you? What's the craziest thing you've done in real life in honor of World of Warcraft? So far, the only thing I've adapted was the terminologies and probably stories/terms at work. How often can you use the words "sanctified" and "AoE" outside the confines of the game (or church)?!

World of Warcraft Makes Bad Things Bearable

This will be among the first videos which we will be featuring that will celebrate World of Warcraft players' creativity and innovation when it comes to fan videos. And today, we'll be featuring an awesome World of Warcraft parody dedicated to probably the most powerful being in Azeroth, the dragon queen herself Alexstrasza by taintedlore. Read more for a mini-review!

Tol Barad Victory Honor Reward Lowered to 360

I sort of knew it was a matter of time until they realized the mistake they're making, and now Blizzard is lowering the victory reward to Tol Barad Attackers to 360 Honor Points, down from 1800 Honor Points. Having that much Honor Points in gaining victory seems like a holiday treat by Blizzard as the reward allows players to easily purchase pvp gears. Some of my guildmates already own the complete set thanks to timely victories in a fiercely contested battleground.

The 1800 Honor Points certainly engaged players not interested in PVP. I've seen the battleground players increase for a week now (and the lag too), but with Blizzard lowering it, things may go back to 'normal'. The Alliance in my server (Nagrand) certainly took the challenge as we've won the zone several times last week compared to laughable numbers before the 1800 HP reward. 

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Review

Hands down, Blizzard has once again outdone themselves as World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm replenishes the dwindling mantra of the franchise into a refreshing, charming and epic game it’s been known for since day one. Cataclysm introduces new playable races, new game mechanics, new quests, new adventures, new achievements, new zones, new everything. Even the old zones have gotten a facelift to get with the times, a feat which made some fans cry of sentimental reasons.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, as several bugs and problems surfaced on the day of expansion. Players particularly in the US realms were extremely disappointed, but Blizzard immediately patched up the wounds with hotfixes.

Confessions Of A NooB Tank: Building a Rotation

At this point I have tanked the Starter 5-mans and with that I can see that this is going to be a rough road. Since starting I have had to kick a Pally “healer” who was really a Pally tank that thought he could heal. I gave him a chance but he couldn’t keep me up so I had to look for a new healer. Then there was a mage that tried to make us wipe by pulling everything in the room. I was lucky to be able to handle it with no wipe.

Best Spec for Level 85 Raiding Hunters

Coming into Cataclysm surely changed everything for us Hunters. First there was the arrows, then there were the stats, then mastery, mana to focus migration, and of course, out talent trees.

We may have already grown used to the new talent trees since it's been out for over a month, and many hunters have adjusted to the new way of life. But as we level beyond past 80, we've been a little perplexed as to what talent should we spend our points on, or even what talent tree to use for end game content such as heroic dungeons and raids.


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