Phasing in and out

A new concept to the WoW community is phasing. If you have ever played in the Death Knight starting area you have seen this at work. The engineers make it so that you are the one that destroys the village and you see what it looks like after your character had a rampage of stealing horses and burning the buildings down. I mean who wouldn't want to be the one that saves that day? I know I would.

Oh noes!

Welcome to my blog! Feel free to comment on whatever. To tell you a little bit about me I have been playing World of Warcraft for about 2 and a half years something like that... Anyways If you don't agree with my opinion comment on it I love to see what others think, or message me personally I will always reply. Thanks and enjoy.

Direct Link Forum Profiles Back

One of the problems with moving everything to Drupal was the potential loss of some of the cooler features of the original Azzor site.  One of those things was direct linking to the highly customized user profiles on the forums.

A link like used to point directly to my forum profile page.  Without some custom work, this wasn't going to be easy to re-implement due to the way Drupal interprets URLs.

Moving Along

Well, I have been putting in quite a bit of time and effort into getting the old Azzor content integrated with the new CMS.  It is a time consuming process in making sure that everything maps over decently well.

I am paying extra attention to all the areas of the old Azzor site that got the most traffic, that way people will be able to find what they need on the new Azzor site.

It's happening!


Wow, I've been wanting to get Azzor moved over to a new CMS for MONTHS!  A big sticking point was being able to keep all the old content searchable in it's current form, as well as being able to keep all forum content and existing users.

One other thing I wanted to be able to do was continue to use vBulletin for the forums AND have them share a common login with whatever CMS I chose to go with.


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