Cataclysm Dungeon Entrances

Eversince the arrival of Patch 4.0.3a, mega changes have been made that might change the way players will do their explorations and dungeons. Some are convenient, while others tend to be off the mark. But I suppose Blizzard has their way of doing things, and probably we'll see the light once we get past the clouds.
One of the changes World of Warcraft has undergone in their dungeons are the requirement to discover the entrance of the instance, before actually queuing in the Random Dungeon Finder. Sort of a hassle right? This means you have to fly/swim and tread the skies or water before you can actually queue for them. But that's not particularly a problem for level 80 and beyond because we got ourselves some flying mounts now.

Free Character Moves Now Available to a Server Near You

If you're planning to transfer servers from the beginning of Cataclysm but never had a chance to do, well here's the perfect time to do it!

Now that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is out, a huge amount of players are coming back from the dead after taking a well deserved break. In light of this, a number of servers are starting to become overpopulated it becomes uncomfortable to almost everyone (lag fest!). Blizzard heeds the call of its valiant champions and is now offering FREE CHARACTER TRANSFERS to specific overpopulated servers allover the world.

Mount Hyjal or Vashj'ir? Where to begin in Cataclysm?


Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir, both significantly important and both having magnificent environments that will leave you mesmerized. Although both are wonderful places to begin your journey into the world of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which one are you going to choose between the two? Which call for help shall you heed in times on uncertainty and discord? The Shamans in Vashj'ir or the Druids in Mount Hyjal?

Probably at the end of it all, things will boil down to which lore you'd want to follow. Because gameplay wise, these zones give considerable amount of drops, quests, and experiences for the leveling player.

Let's break down the initial pros of each zone and try to weigh in which one would suit you better.

The Race to 85 Is On

With only less that 24 hours since Cataclysm was released, dozens of characters around the world race to become the first level 85 toon in their server. Though I'm pretty sure alot in EU has already succeeded in the much contested feat, dozens of others in US Realms are glued to their screens doing non-stop quests and dungeons just to have bragging rights on their servers.

Fishing and other professions have achievements for people being first to be profession capped in Cataclysm, I'm pretty sure there's a whopping achievement also for being the first to be the level 85.

Unfortunately, the downside of being among the first level 85 is the chance that you can't raid immediately due to obvious reasons. But what you can do is pick up some great gears at your quartermasters using your Justice Points.

Cataclysm Greets Players with Bugs, Long Queue Times, and Lag

Welcome to Cataclysm! After a very long wait, the World of Warcraft expansion is finally here. But despite a very cheerful celebration on Azeroth's impending doom, Cataclysm is greeting players with bugs, long queue times, and lag; and it's all beautiful.
Thanks to the cryouts of several players, particularly in the US servers, Blizzard has taken notice of the XP bug in the very first hours of the expansion. Level 80 toons couldn't gain experiences after turning in quests which led to an uproar especially to those who do multiple quests in one go. Blizzard has fixed the problem, but there are no statements as to what will happen to the lost XPs acquired during the downtime.

Cataclysm Preview: Vortex Pinnacle


With only less than 24 hours left until Cataclysm completely shatters Azeroth to the core, we'll further tickle your gaming senses by featuring another 5-man dungeon opening its gates to hungering players like you. Welcome to Vortex Pinnacle.

Vortex Pinnacle is a level 82-84 dungeon located within the confines of Skywall, the elemental plane of the air Lord, Al'akir. Vortex Pinnacle is inhabited primarily by elementals, along with other minions of the air lord.


New Fishing and Cooking Dailies Now Available

Secondary professions aren't exactly in our priority list as we progress throughout Azeroth. The mantra of having to fish or cook for hours just to level them don't really entice people to bother doing it. But things might just change as we move onward to Cataclysm. Since the beginning of the life-changing patch called 4.0.3a, new Fishing and Cooking daily quests are now available to any player who has the profession no matter what level they are in. Alliance can get their daily dose of Fishing and Cooking in Stormwind while the Horde can get it from Orgrimmar.



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