PTR 4.0.1. Report: Marksmanship Hunter Ability and Talent Changes Live Part I

Last week, we gave you a preview of how Hunters would play out from levels 1 to 10 in World of Warcraft Public Test Realm 4.0.1(WoW PTR). Now we’ll walk you through near end-game content as we work through what a level 80 Hunter’s end-game abilities and talent would feel like when the 4.0.1 kicks in soon (whoohoo!).

As you’ve heard or read before, some hunter shots now have different mechanics which includes effects, procs, casting times and cooldowns. Especially now that our resource pool is no longer as abundant and sometimes infinite as mana, you will most definitely change your shot priorities as you work your way through mobs and bosses alike. The way Focus is consumed and regenerated totally changed our gameplay.

For now, we will focus on Marksmanship Hunters.

From Frost to Flames: Currency Changes

Switching from one expansion to another is just like moving in real life. You get the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety, but it’s that very same feeling that excites us. Frost to Flames is your partner in preparing you for the upcoming expansion of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Here you’ll get to discuss the essentials in making the big switch from Wrath of the Lich King to Cataclysm, from Undead to the Black Dragon Flight and Elementals, and from the Lich King to Deathwing. So don’t be shy and join in by posting below!

Cataclysm PTR: Starting a Hunter

It's been almost a week since Cataclysm came live on Public Test Realm (PTR). With all the hype and news on what's going to happen with World of Warcraft's next expansion after Wrath of the Lich King, not to mention the countless hours of downloading 4gb of content, Cataclysm PTR seems to have fulfilled Blizzard's promises even if we've just cracked the tip of the iceberg. It's a completely new game but still the same old World of Warcraft that we all loved from the beginning.

Patch 4.0.1 Now Available for Download. Next Stop, Cataclysm!


Ooohhh boy, this is it. This is where all our waiting will finally come to an end. Well, sort of. In the current weekly maintenance, Blizzard has introduced a new patch, 4.0.1, that will gear up players for the much anticipated expansion: World of Warcraft Cataclysm. And they're not kidding with the idea of massive new content as they pile up the patch into a 3.97gb download file.

Cataclysm Zone Preview: Faction Brawl Over Ashenvale

Remember Ashenvale? It's been a while since this zone had its share of the limelight over the years. I remember during vanilla WOW, this was one of the zones where players group up to raid a menacing green dragonflight army. But over time, from Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King, Ashenvale has been somehow degraded as 'the zone to grind some quests for low levels'.

More Troll and Worgen Druid Forms Unveiled

As Cataclysm inches closer to our arms with hopefully 2 months left, Blizzard unveils an updated look on our Troll and Worgen Druid Cat and Bear forms. 

Leaning more on the Troll's signature look, the Troll druids will be adapting the tusks and the color skins of the race. I think it will complement well with the Tauren druids, who have adapted horns on their forms.

Gnomes are taking back Gnomeregan!

With only a few months to go before Cataclysm finally hits the market, Blizzard has unveiled a new quest chain for the Alliance faction after the weekly maintenance, last night. The Alliance will have their hands full for a moment as they assist the beloved Gnomes in reclaiming what's rightfully theirs, the city of Gnomeregan!

In what I hope is a foreshadowing of a new capital or mini-capital city for the faction and a counter to the Horde Goblins' reconstruction of Azshara, High Tinker Mekkatorque will unveil the plans of his race in retaking what was lost during a civil war and the invasion of the butt-ugly Troggs.


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