Cataclysm Hunter Preview: Call Pet Ability

To recap for the non-Hunter reader, "Call Pet" is an ability where the Hunter summons a pet that is not sitting idly on the stable. Though barely used because a Hunter always have his pet by his side almost all the time, a player always find it valuable to dismiss a pet on certain situations and use Call Pet to re-summon his ferocious buddy.

Cataclysm Preview: Hunter Pets Claw Their Way Back

Hunter pets have gone a long way since the humble beginnings of World of Warcraft. Back during the vanilla days, Hunter pets were treated as weak, unhelpful, aka useless due to several reasons. But as the game evolved patch after patch, expansion after the next, Hunter pets have now become an important part of a group or raid as they add buffs for your resident Hunter to dish out wicked DPS in any meter. If the Hunter is a Beast Mastery, then all the more the pet needs to stay alive or get healed (hear that raid healers?).

But Ironforge, we’ve got a problem. A hunter’s specialty is to tame various beasts all over the face of Azeroth, why are we almost always seeing the same Northrend Worg every single end-game raid that we go into?

Cataclysm Review: The Shattering - Opening Theme

From the creative minds that brought us the devious and melancholic yet awe-inspiring melodies of Northrend comes a preview of what we will be hearing once we install Cataclysm in our system and open up the log-in screen.

Cataclysm Zone Preview: Azshara Reborn

Ever since StarCraft 2 was out (Awesome game by the way, old school strategy games ROCK!) I expected to see less news on Cataclysm and the entire WOW-dom as Blizzard paves way to its newest release. I am right. But that doesn’t stop Azzor in giving you loyal fans a sneak preview of what is to come when Neltharion rocks Azeroth and the entire face of World of Warcraft gaming. So let’s get a move on with: Azshara!

Curse vs IGE (ZAM Network)

Let the battle begin! The recent news of Curse buying out makes Curse that much more of a super giant for the MMO and World of Warcraft fansite market. From my opinion, this is Curse trying to make up for their bust buying out Aion sites (and all the way back to WAR, too) thinking it would be a giant success.
Which supergiant will win? Its hard to tell. I can tell you who I'd like to win, and it isn't the network owned by the largest gold seller. But in all honesty, I don't think there will be a clear winner for a long long time. ZAM owns the database market with WoWhead and Thottbot but Curse clearly had the market on addons.

It would be hard to call MMO Champion a site I support because all they do since Catacylsm has been announced is leak Catacylsm information. And I wouldn't go as far to say that this secures Curse's spot as the #1 Destination and filling the gap Curse had in the market. It is truly a site desinged around leaking information (at least for the last couple of months) and I want to see how MMO-Champion holds up after the release of the expansion.

How to Sign Up for Cataclysm Beta Invites

Are you still praying to the Blizzard gods to give you the blessing of being a beta tester? Are you checking your email everyday hoping for a message from Blizzard that you're invited to play Cataclysm beta? Are you furious that others are getting the beta invites when you believe you deserve it more? Did you sign up for an opt-in? What's that, you say? Doh! /facepalm.


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