Cataclysm Preview: Hunter's 31-point Talent Tree

We’re almost at the homestretch Hunters, as Cataclysm beta’s entering its final stage of testing before it gets released for the pleasure of the fans, and hopefully our quivers.

This week we’ll take a peek at the new 31-point talent tree recently made available to the beta testers. Like other classes’ talent trees, Hunters will be seeing dozens of changes that might not entirely throw you off your aim. A lot of talents we knew are getting a complete overhaul, one reason is because of Hunters using Focus now rather than Mana, while the rest are completely removed.

Cataclysm Preview: Guild Life and You

Sit back, chat, watch other members beat the Lich King while you squander around the guild lounge hoping a guild tank or healer would come up before you decide to PUG ICC 10/25 (Nightmare alert!). This probably happens to most of you and your guild mates once you guys join a guild that promises green fields and butterflies on trade chat. Though these events are somehow not the fault of guild officers, guild life to some is a big “I wish I joined some other guild” story with the guild name being just a title than a community of gameplay happiness. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit bitter but it’s cool. Things are picking up at my guild, finally!

Talent Trees Get Major Facelift in Cataclysm

Some people say change is progress, that it’s the only thing in the world that is constant no matter how ironic it sounds.

Time and again, we’ve experienced and survived alot changes in World of Warcraft; patch after patch, ever since vanilla WOW. Now I’m pretty much sure everyone’s bracing for some drastic changes when the expansion arrives, so let’s drop the latest news bomb from WOW’s official site here.

The Hunter and the Mastery Bonus

Time surely flies fast! And Nozdormu’s left stunned. Only a few months to go before Cataclysm arrives, and Blizzard’s pretty much silent recently when it comes to last minute updates for the players who are so eager to know more on what’s going to happen, when Azeroth swallows a dose of Deathwing hysteria. Cataclysm beta being live and the fresh off the grill Ruby Sanctum should be enough to calm the rocking seas of fandom, but for how long? One thing’s for sure, everything, not only Azeroth, will be chaotic once the epic expansion arrives.

Us Hunters seem to be getting some love from Blizzard too as they gave us a glimpse of what we’re gonna get in Cata, though many arrow-slingers still debate on their usefulness, we can safely say that the changes and abilities we’ll be getting is adequate.

Patch 3.3.5 is out! But where’s my Ruby Sanctum?

It’s been 3 months since Patch 3.3.3 came out. Players have adjusted to the chuck-loads of bug fixes and changes. Though at first reception of the new patch was a mix of hot and cold, in the end, the players had no choice but to learn to adapt to the changes. Hey, it’s Warcraft!

And now, before we go to the much awaited expansion of World of Warcraft, Blizzard gave Wrath of the Lich King its final roar with the latest and last patch: 3.3.5.

Highlighting the patch notes released by the gaming company is the opening of the new raid dungeon instance, the Ruby Sanctum.

Cataclysm 5-man Dungeon Preview: Grim Batol

From the depths of the Twilight Highland, Grim Batol, once a home to the proud and hard-working Wildhammer clan turned to a vile nightmare prison for the Red Dragon Aspect, has begun concocting treacherous machinations that will serve Deathwing and the Black Dragon Aspect as they come back from the Elemental Plane to cause destruction and havoc to Azeroth.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Twilight Cult, under the influences of Deathwing, once again makes the world tremble in fear as it devices relentless plots and fiends that will further bring the world into utter chaos. It will be your duty to aid the Alexstrasza and her Red Drakes to destroy their base of operations and spare the world some more time and hope against the Nefarion in this new level 85 5-man dungeon: Grim Batol.

Gear Doesn't Matter!

After hours of testing and spending time in battlegrounds, its pretty simple. Gear doesn't matter. Someone with a gearscore of 2000 is as good as someone with a gearscore of 5000. I went and got my mage the legacy level 60 pvp gear set and equiped it and starting using in battlegrounds. What were the results? No difference from my level 80 pvp gear set! Read more below ...



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