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Curse vs IGE (ZAM Network)

Let the battle begin! The recent news of Curse buying out MMO-Champion.com makes Curse that much more of a super giant for the MMO and World of Warcraft fansite market. From my opinion, this is Curse trying to make up for their bust buying out Aion sites (and all the way back to WAR, too) thinking it would be a giant success.
Which supergiant will win? Its hard to tell. I can tell you who I'd like to win, and it isn't the network owned by the largest gold seller. But in all honesty, I don't think there will be a clear winner for a long long time. ZAM owns the database market with WoWhead and Thottbot but Curse clearly had the market on addons.

It would be hard to call MMO Champion a site I support because all they do since Catacylsm has been announced is leak Catacylsm information. And I wouldn't go as far to say that this secures Curse's spot as the #1 Destination and filling the gap Curse had in the market. It is truly a site desinged around leaking information (at least for the last couple of months) and I want to see how MMO-Champion holds up after the release of the expansion.

Gear Doesn't Matter!

After hours of testing and spending time in battlegrounds, its pretty simple. Gear doesn't matter. Someone with a gearscore of 2000 is as good as someone with a gearscore of 5000. I went and got my mage the legacy level 60 pvp gear set and equiped it and starting using in battlegrounds. What were the results? No difference from my level 80 pvp gear set! Read more below ...


Wha?!?!? Long Battleground Queue Times?

A little something I noticed this morning when I went to queue up for my daily battlegrounds. LONG queue times, the longest I've seen them. It made me a bit angry.

Day 1: My Mage and the Battlegrounds

I just got my mage to level 80 before I unsubscribed from World of Warcraft for a bit of time. Well, I'm back and rolling on my mage and I've got to tell you, its appealing. I can port wherever I want at anytime, I have an unlimited supply of food/water, and I have my own water elemental to boot. I'm a Frost Mage with a passion for PvP so when I came back, I threw together a spec and went right into Battlegrounds.

To say the least, being a mage in the Battlegrounds is easy and a lot of fun. I have one skill to use (Frostbolt) and then I just try to stay away from the flurry of enemies. When your in a BG as a mage, its critical you stay with your friends, there is no traveling alone. It takes about a half of a second to kill me and its critical I always have myself positoned behind my allies.


I would like to think that is was a moral victory for my LFG group. As I'm leveling my Druid through the LFG system this morning, we had a hunter that was doing crazy low damage and DPS and as I watched some Green cloth items dropped (remember that this is for lower levels) and the hunter needed on them.

The Beauty of RP Servers

I was siting down at my desk and when I log on to World of Warcraft, its an RP server. It got me wondering .... Why RP?

To me, the beauty of an RP server comes down to two reasons.

1. Mature Player Base - Its something I've noticed over the years of playing MMOs, RP servers just seems to have a more mature playerbase and that is something that I'm always looking for. I like to play with people to know how to conduct themselves but are still able to have a good time.

It's Aggravating to be the Viewer.


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