From Frost to Flames: New Stormwind City

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Switching from one expansion to another is just like moving in real life. You get the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety, but it’s that very same feeling that excites us. Frost to Flames is your partner in preparing you for the upcoming expansion of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Here you’ll get to discuss the essentials in making the big switch from Wrath of the Lich King to Cataclysm, from Undead to the Black Dragon Flight and Elementals, and from the Lich King to Deathwing. So don’t be shy and join in by posting below!

The city of Stormwind! The very personification (more like citynification) of the mighty Alliance. Its magnificent stone walls will leave anyone awe-inspired; the bustling and vibrant warmth of daily trade and society will brighten the day; and the ginormous statues which solidify the triumphs and valor of the faction will leave any champion's heart swell with pride.

Despite the city's impenetrable defenses and unfathomable support of various allies, the walls and vanguards of the city almost face near devastation by assaults of Deathwing and his minions. Never fear as Stormwind city will still be the shining pillar of light that unifies the Alliance, but the city too cannot escape the ill-fate imposed by the impeding Cataclysm.

Stormwind city will undergo huge changes once World of Warcraft: Cataclysm hits our hard drives. Several, if not all, the districts will get upgrades, while some are not so fortunate to even survive. Let's take a quick look at each district and discuss the changes that will occur there:

Trade District: Well of course we're starting with Trade District, being the most populated district in Stormwind city, if not all of the Alliance major cities (next to Ironforge, maybe). The area will still be the same except for a few tweaks such as the Auction House and the Bank.

The Auction House will be bigger, but still housing only 3 auctioneers. The place has been remodeled into an entire building, instead of a wing, with its entrance now facing directly to the bank's entrance and is conveniently situated right next to the inn's doorsteps.

The Bank has been resized into a magnificent hallway as it holds larger guild bank vaults and houses 6 bankers which are divided to the left and right wings.

Dwarven District: Probably having the most significant changes to all players. The new Dwarven District in WoW: Cataclysm will now have its own Bank, and an Auction House. The area will be transformed into a significant trading zone which is now dubbed as the 2nd Trade District. Blizzard must've noticed that the auctioneers and bankers are often killed as their location can be easily reached by visiting Horde players.

Deeprun Tram will still be available for your travels from Stormwind to Ironforge.

Finally, the district will become the new settlement for the Druid trainers (know why in a bit!)

Old Town: One of the least visited districts by PvE players (PvP players are there more often). The Command Center and the ever reliable SI:7 headquarters will now be easier to access thanks to the removal of the unnecessary walls surrounding the entrance. A Riding Trainer for ground mounts will be available as well!

Cathedral Square: A gazebo and a cemetery has been added for lore purposes. Cathedral Square will now have Stormwind Lake as a neighbor as the district displays breathtaking views of the new scenery. The Cathedral of Light will now house its trainers on the right wing. There will also be a path inside that will lead players to some level 80+ mobs. A good place to practice before Deepholm or even Vashj'ir.

Mage Quarter: Nothing much has been changed here. A new road has been added that will make travelling a little more convenient. But other than that, the Mage Quarter is still the Mage Quarter.

Park: Have you even ever been to this place? I think I can count the times I did using only one hand. Looks like Blizzard took notice of the small influx of players in this place, save for some Druids. According to reports, the area has been razed by Deathwing and his Twilight flight in an attempt to destroy Stormwind. The area is now in complete ruins.

Valley of Heroes: Danath Trollbane's statue is gone as it has fallen down the moat. The feet of the stone figure is still there though. All the other statues seem to have survived the assaults.

Stormwind Keep: The pathway to the throne room will be redesigned to open air. Worgen leader Genn Greymane has been added among the people inside as he is standing next to King Varian Wrynn.

Stormwind Keep and Dwarven District will also have magnificent views of Stormwind Lake. And as a treat for our Draenei friends, a portal to Exodar has been added. I'm still waiting for a port to Darnassus.

Stormwind city is the bastion of power and the epitome of greatness in the sight of the Alliance and the Horde alike. Unfortunately, this great city has caught the sight of the vile Deathwing and has caused great changes that will scar the city forever. However, humans and the Alliance are very well known for their resilience and fighting spirit as they have learned to adapt to these changes. Surprisingly, the city looks even better than ever in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as it continues to become a primary hub for Alliance trade and defense. This one's a keeper!

For the Alliance!


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