PTR 4.0.1. Report: Marksmanship Hunter Ability and Talent Changes Live Part II

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Ok so now we gave you what Hunter’s abilities (particularly for the Marksmanship hunters) would look like once Patch 4.0.1 kicks in next week, today we’ll discuss you a blow by blow account on what a Marksmanship Hunter’s tree would look like. Believe me, once you see this talent tree, you’d be blown away by the changes and newcomers!
Don’t get disheartened easily because Hunters are naturally adept to any situation. We’re an elite group of DPSers and the new talent tree system should never phase us at all! Just analyze how each talent will affect you and learn to adapt to the moment.

1st Row/Top Row Go for the Throat (2 ranks)– They’ve definitely lowered the pet’s Focus regeneration rate for this patch. But nonetheless it still helps for added beast DPS. Efficiency (3 ranks)– don’t be fooled by the icon, this is definitely not your Focused Aim talent. Spending some talents here definitely helps in mitigating focus burnout. If whether you’ll get used to the whole Focus system or not, spending a couple of talent points here would be essential. Rapid Killing (2 ranks)-  Whoah hold the phones, where’s my Rapid Fire cooldown reduction?  Well it’s gone, atleast for this talent. This may not be a good talent if you’re going to fight against bosses since you won’t get to receive experiences until the end of an encounter even when there are adds. 2nd Row Sic 'Em! (2 ranks) – This is a nice talent since your beast can get to do more attacks. But being a Marksmanship, we really should focus on managing our own focus first before our pets! Improved Steady Shot (3 ranks) – Another ‘whoah’! I think the changes are nice since we’re assured that something will proc once we keep on spamming Steady Shot (I used to get unlucky with Improved Steady Shot in the current talent tree!). Having an occasional increase in ranged attack speed is an awesome addition to our arsenal. This talent rectifies, plus the fact that it regenerates Focus, Steady Shot as our number 1 in our most spammed shot list. Careful Aim (2 ranks) – Since intelligence is no longer important to us (who need ‘em anyways?), Careful Aim was drastically changed to increase critical strike chances on enemies above the 80% threshold. I’m not sure if this is a good thing because once an enemy’s health drops below 80%, this talent is useless. It’s a good talent for the beginning of a fight though.

3rd Row Silencing Shot – Well we will probably say goodbye to the shot in our rotation, but nonetheless I think this ability will find a place in our arsenal once an encounter needs disruptors. Concussive Barrage (2 ranks) – Nothing much has changed. It’s more of a PvP and non-boss encounter utility. Piercing Shots (3 ranks) – Once of the few talents that matter that remains unchanged. We will still be having our bleed talent, so hurray for us!

4th Row Bombardment (2 ranks) – well we say goodbye to our old reliable Volleyshot for mob situations, and say hello to Multi Shot. This talent will surely help you spam Multi Shot to your heart’s (and focus’s) desire. Trueshot Aura -  ‘nuff said. Termination (2 ranks) – The only thing missing here is the Hunter saying “hasta la vista, BABY!”. But seriously, this talent will probably find its place in our hearts despite its mechanics of use. Imagine an encounter where a boss is about to reach enrage that’s still 25% health, regenerating that much focus during crunch time might spell the difference between victory and wipe. Resistance is Futile (2 ranks) – This one’s pretty tricky. There will be fights where this talent could be of use, but if you’re confident that your tank can hold an enemy down, then I don’t think this talent matters.

5th Row Rapid Recuperation (2 ranks) – Instead of mana, focus is now regenerated once under the effects of Rapid Fire. If this talent was important before 4.0.1, then it will still be. Master Marksman (3 ranks) – Okay remember what I said last time that there’s a talent that will put Aimed Shot in a better position? Well this is it. Spamming Steady Shot, which we always do, gives you a chance to stack the Master Marksman effect that will allow you to shoot the Marksmanship Hunter’s signature shot, Aimed Shot, with no focus AND no casting time. What are you waiting for?! Insert talent points here! Readiness -  Nothing changed.

6th Row Posthaste (2 ranks) – So this is where our Rapid Fire cooldown decrease talent went! Unless you’re comfortable with your Steady Shot proccing increased range attack speed and the 5 min cooldown of your Rapid fire, then spending a talent our two here wouldn’t hurt. You gotta learn how to prioritize now though. Marked for Death (2 ranks) – Well this talent will apply a debuff on a target with Hunter’s Mark that will allow you to deal more damage. It’s basically almost the same with the previous Marked For Death but without the details of the damage.

7th Row/Last Row Chimera Shot – It’s a Chimera Shot. Live with it.   So there you have it. These are the new talents you’ll find in Patch 4.0.1. It’s a really big change from what we’ve become attuned to, but that’s how the cookie crumbles whenever an expansion is a few months away from release. For now, all we need to do is mix and match which talent will go perfectly with whatever shot priority or rotation we come up with. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even PTR people are having a hard time figuring out a ‘good’ build. Like what my friends at my guild always say, pick a build that will not only satisfy standards set by elite Hunters, but also a build that you will be or will grow comfortable with. If you think you have an idea on what  the next 7/57/7 would look like, then go start building it at then link below on the comments area for the whole world to see and discuss with!