Countdown to Cataclysm: Elemental Invasion in Azeroth

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Along with the Prophecy of Doom questline, we now face another problem as the whole of Azeroth including the Outlands braces itself for the ascension of the Twilight Cult and the Elementals. Welcome to the 2nd part of the first phase on the road to the Cataclysm, the Elemental Invasion.
Several anomalies within the elemental planes have been disrupting the ebb and flow of life around Azeroth as elemental rifts begin to open everywhere. With these portals, relentless armies of elementals march to strike terror to the denizens of the an already battleworn world. No race, creature, nor faction is safe from them, heck even the Undead Scourge is getting attacked! The Earthen Ring, a group of wise Shamans, have taken notice of this disturbance and are not thinking twice in acquiring help from faction champions.

In the meantime, it is your duty to make your stand and fend off these elementals and destroy the portals as we figure out how to solve this mess.

There is no quest line for this world event but there is a daily quest from the Earthen Ring members which can now be found within major cities. The quest begins from a device which is dropped after a portal has been destroyed. Bring this device to the Earthen Ring to complete the task. Take note that you can only pick up devices in zones with the same level range as you have. So if you’re a level 80, you can only get these contraptions in Northrend.
You also acquire an achievement by getting the 4 separate buffs that are given by different elemental portals: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Other than that there’s the optional feeling that you’ve just saved some local NPC farmers from a brutal death.
Here are the spawn points of the rifts listed according to element type (source)

Fire Elementals in Zul'Drak Fire 

1. Westfall (Sentinel Hill; North Moonbrook; Alexston Farmstead; Between Saldean's Farm and Elwynn Forest border; The Molsen Farm; Long Shore west of Gold Coast Quarry) 
2. The Barrens (Between Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul; Ratchet; Camp Taurajo; North of Bael Modan; Stagnant Oasis; The Crossroads; North of Sludge Fen; South of Mor'shan Rampart) 
4. Ashenvale (Greenpaw Village) 
5. Dustwallow Marsh (Inside Theramore near Armory; North of Witch Hill; Shady Rest Inn) 
6. The Hinterlands (Bogen's Ledge, the troll and spider's cave; ESE of Quel'Danil Lodge, on the text 'danil' of map) 
7. Blasted Lands (Dreadmaul Post) 
8. Searing Gorge (Firewatch Ridge; Grimesilt Dig Site; Dustfire Valley; The Cauldron at the actual text of The Cauldron on map) 
9. Winterspring (Everlook; Timbermaw Post; North of Starfall Village; Below Frostsaber Rock; Lake Kel'theril) 
10. Hellfire Peninsula (Dark Portal; Honor Hold; Falcon Watch; Sha'naari Wastes) 
11. Zul'Drak (South of Zeramas; East of the Reliquary of Pain; In the middle of Heb'Drakkar; Thrym's End; SE of Altar of Har'koa) 

Water Elementals near Gadgetzan in Tanaris Water 

1. Silverpine Forest (East of Shadowfang Keep; South of the fork in the road east of Sepulcher; West of Dead Field towards the shore; Shining Strand) 
2. Bloodmyst Isle (Wyrmscar Island) 
3. Ghostlands (Lake between Thalassian Pass and Deatholme; Fork in road near Windrunner Village) 
4. Wetlands (On the shore near the Bluegill Murlocs and the two ruined ships; Between the Greenwarden and Dark Iron Dwarf Camps; Menethil Harbor inside near front entrance) 
5. Thousand Needles (Darkcloud Pinnacle; Weazel's Crater; West of Tahonda Ruins) 
6. Stranglethorn Vale (Kurzen's Compound; Wild Shore; West of Nesingwary camp; Grom'gol Base Camp; Between the entrance of Booty Bay and the Wild Shore) 
7. Swamp of Sorrows (Stonard; North of Splintertree Junction) 
8. Tanaris (Lost Rigger Cove; Dunemaul Compound; Gadgetzan; Waterspring Field) 
9. Un'goro Crater (Entrance from Tanaris) 
10. Zangarmarsh (On road leading to Terrokkar; Orebor Harborage; Ango'rosh Grounds; Swamp Rat) 
11. Shadowmoon Valley (Legion Hold; Shadowmoon Village; Zabra'jin) 
12. Dragonblight (Agmar's Hammer; Wintergarde Keep; Frostmourne Cavern; SE Ruby Dragonshrine; New Hearthglen) 
13. Icecrown (Sindragosa's Fall; Deathspeaker's Watch west of Argent Tournament) 
14. Hrothgar's Landing (North part) 

Wind Elementals in Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills Wind 

1. Darkshore (Aubderine; South of Auberdine on the shore; Grove of the Ancients) 
2. Hillsbrad Foothills (Southshore; Tarren Mill) 
3. Duskwood (Raven Hill Cemetery entrance; Darkshire; Pumpkin patch directly south of Darkshire; The Rotting Orchard; The Yorgen Farmstead; Addle's Stead) 
4. Arathi Highlands (South of Circle of West Binding; Hammerfall; Dabyrie's Farmstead)
5. Feralas (Ruins of Solarsal; Front of Dire Maul; West of Feathermoon Stronghold; Forgotten Coast near the dock; Ruins of Ravenwind near Flame of Samha) 
6. Felwood (Shatter Scar Vale, southern craters; ) 
7. Eastern Plaguelands (Northpass Tower; South of Corin's Crossing; Undercroft; Darrowshire) 
8. Terokkar Forest (Cenarion Thicket; Veil Shienor; Bone Wastes; Tuurem; Firewing Point; Allerian Stronghold; Stonebreaker Hold) 
9. Netherstorm (Area 52; Arklon Ruins; South of Manaforge Ultris near bridge) 
10. Borean Tundra (Magmoth; Near Taunka'le Village) 
11. Sholazar Basin (Mosswalker Village; Kartak's Hold; Death's Hand Encampment; Sapphire Hive; NW of Nesingwary camp, opposite side of road) 
12. Crystalsong Forest (Ruins of Shandaral) 

Earth Elementals in Sylvanaar, Blade's Edge Mountains


1. Loch Modan (Mo'grosh Stronghold; Thelsamar) 
2. Redridge Mountains (In Lakeshire) 
3. Desolace (Nigel's Point; Outside Shadowprey Village) 
4. Stonetalon Mountains 
5. Badlands (Kargath; The Dustbowl; SSE of Dustbowl in Mirage Flats) 
6. Alterac Mountains (The Uplands; Just southeast of the Growless Cave, Flame of Uzel for Horde players) 
7. Western Plaguelands (Felstone Field; The Weeping Cave, north of the new flightmaster) 
8. Burning Steppes (West of Dreadmaul Rock) 
9. Silithus (Cenarion Hold towards Swarming Pillar) 
10. Azshara (South side of Forlorn Ridge) 
11. Nagrand (Laughing Skull Ruins; Windyreed Village; Telaar; Northwest of Oshu'gun; Garadar; Burning Blade Ruins) 
12. Blade's Edge Mountains (Grishnath; Sylvanaar; Veil Vesk) 
13. Howling Fjord (Wyrmskull Village near the hut Alliance players witness the visions of the past; Westguard Keep) 
14. Grizzly Hills (Drak'atal Passage; Rage Fang Shrine; Zeb'Halak) 
15. Storm Peaks (First Gnoll camp west of K3; Inventory's Library; Valkyrion; Brunnhildar Village) 

Unaffected Zones: 
Elwynn Forest 
Tirisfal Glades 
Dun Morogh 
Eversong Woods 
Azuremyst Isle 
Deadwind Pass 
This, together with Prophecy of Doom, is the first of the 4 events which will happen before we get to the expansion.  If you’re thinking that this first event is a vivid picture of what will happen by the time Deathwing arrives, then you’re dead wrong. Things are going to get much, much worse from now on. Enjoy!


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