A Letter for the Tanks, From a DPS

Dear Tank (in the spirit of the holidays, we'll make this sweet),
Hey, how you doin'? Just wanna greet you first a Happy Holidays. Are you having with the Heroics in Cataclysm? Enjoying the almost zero-wait whenever you queue for Random Heroic Dungeons? Well we don't. I don't know if you've noticed or if you have a DPS alt, but Random Heroic Dungeon queues have been hell for us from the wait up until the runs.
Imagine, 40mins? While some may choose to continue to quest or level their professions or grab some easy achievements hunting for Deathwing, others just stand idly doing almost nothing, alt+tabbing away just to surf the internet or attempt to do some real-life work around. Don't get us wrong, we've already accepted the fact that the system Blizzard is implementing works that way. What does get on our nerves is when some tanks (now I'm not saying that it's you and provided that us DPSes are non-retarded) take for granted the luxury of quitting a party on a single wipe and just requeueing to get into another party in no time. Sure it may be the healer's fault, but that doesn't mean tanks should immediately leave.
Us DPS (well most of us) toil hard and long just to make the run a little faster, and we'd do whatever it takes to get the instance done basically because we don't want to wait another 40mins for another party. Please understand that there are some people in the group aren't n00bs and we perfectly understand that you deserve the best (as long as you reciprocate by being a good tank). We just ask for your patience as we go through the difficult heroics that a pug can't simply one shot everything. If ever a party keeps on wiping due to obvious reasons, we can always KICK the problem away.
Oh, and one last thing, I'm not saying that it is you, but could you also tell your tank friends to gear up and maximize the best drops in normal dungeons before going into heroics? I've had a funny experience where I had the same HP as our pug tank. lol! And tell them to read up the strategies too or ask the party for info before blindly going into a boss fight.
Thanks and have an awesome World of Warcraft experience!
Your non-n00b DPS


mono, these are superb. Are

mono, these are superb. Are you goin to write these more often?

As long as there is injustice

As long as there is injustice around the corner, I shall lurk behind the shadows to pounce for righteousness. lol Thanks Ach!

hahaha - The sad life of the

hahaha - The sad life of the DPS.

Yeah, hahaha. Truth hurts,

Yeah, hahaha. Truth hurts, huh?


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