Echoes Through Time - Pg 129 "Favorable Odds"

Anduin Lothar finally touches ground, having traveled along with Cru from Winterspring atop the blue drakes. Looks like a battle filled with thousands of dollars worth of CGI and Lucas Films effects is about to take place. The last panel was a treat to make; Deserous' spells let me flex my creative muscle in PS even if it's just a little effect. The comic has been running for just over two years now. I'm amazed to be in the top ten on Drunk Duck for this long, even more so to be holding second place. That all wouldn't be possible without you, the readers, giving your love and traffic. I really should do something special for the second birthday of Cru the Dwarf. If you're sitting ever so patiently in front of your computer screen, hands placed neatly in your lap and pressing F5 every few minutes, then you're probably wondering where Frozen Desire is.

Echoes Through Time - Pg 128 "Group Etiquette"

It seems that last month I missed the two year anniversary of the comic so happy belated birthday to Cru the Dwarf! I'll have to celebrate in some fashion which will be decided on at a later date. I've got enough piling up on my plate that needs tackling before I go celebrating two years in the comic business. UPDATE 5/21/2010 This week has been a busy one and will continue into the weekend. I wanted to get a page out today but plans changed and I was called away. At the very least I've got a fan-submitted TWC pic for your voting pleasure. I sure got a kick out of it. I'm going to be gone this weekend and won't be home until Monday afternoon. Maybe I'll have the energy for an update then but if not I'll shoot for a Tuesday or Wednesday update. Don't hit me! P.S. If you've been keeping up with Bleach episode 271 kicked ass. Less Orihime Q.Q more Hollow Ichigo pew-pew, right?

Echoes Through Time - Pg 127 "No Mere Warlock"

Not sure what else I can say about this page other than things are about to get crazy in Stormwind. Not the usual Topper McNabb crazy in Stormwind, but "all hell breaks loose" crazy now that Deserous has confronted Lady Prestor and somehow managed to dismantle her spell over Stormwind. Onyxia isn't going to take it laying down and will surely respond with a stern, lecturing letter about how she doesn't appreciate his interference. Really this page was an experiment in a few of the new Photoshop CS5 beta features. In particular I'm excited about the new puppet warp tool which will give me new freedoms in model manipulation and posing while cutting down on production time. I feel like a kid in a candy store of new features. I'd like to thank everyone who donated for their support of not only the comic but of me the author. Even if you didn't donate (or are considering it) I'd like to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Internet and staying a while.

Echoes Through Time - Page 127 Preview

A sample frame from page 127 to hold you over while I complete the rest.

Echoes Through Time - Pg 126 "In Sheeps Clothing"

Lady Prestor is actually Onyxia? Who saw THAT coming? Honestly I'm blindsided. Hey, the comic is updated and back to the story and what you've been waiting weeks for is finally yours. Drink it all in, darlings. Cru the Dwarf does not condone beating the elderly. New TWC voter incentive brought to you courtesy of AmourVorer. Go and get your click on and vote for Cru the Dwarf. You may notice the new banner image below the chat box and list of recommended comics. The people have spoken and a mini comic will be produced featuring Sapphira partnered with not one but two female consorts in what will surely be a masterpiece in perversion. Named "Frozen Desire" the comic will be released in increments like Yar Yar Hump Hump was and just like YYHH it's VERY NSFW. More to come later.

Public Disservice

On this April 1st I've decided to take the comic in a more serious direction and bring up an issue which affects us all, even men. Everything your parents, your school and your girlfriend ever told you about sex was a lie. Always wrap your rascal and stay away from dwarfs because even looking at a dwarf risks pregnancy. Being way overdue on an update I couldn't help but take April Fool's Day as an opportunity for a random bit of stupidity; something I shine at. I'm sure you're aware of the whole moving and job hunting I've been dealing with for a while and it's taken me away from the comic. A local company has an IT job opening I'm hoping to get so cross your fingers and pray I get the position. I'd really like to get it. New voter incentive up at TWC. Since Easter is this coming Sunday I brought out some marshmallow Peeps but it looks like one might have a slight defect.

Echoes Through Time - Pg 125 "In The End"

For those of you not familiar with Christoph and Brom they wander about the Stormwind canals telling old war stories with various responses. If that ricocheting bullet is going to get one group of wandering NPCs in Stormwind it may as well get another. This update has been long, LONG overdue, I know. Family matters come up and I have to devote more attention to life issues and pause the comic for a bit but it's not gone yet. To make things better my keyboard is broken so I'm on a DELL backup, one of those uncomfortable black plastic deals with one out of two broken legs on the bottom. UPDATE: MARCH 26, 2010 The end of March is hectic and technical problems are abundant. Not only did my keyboard die my computer got infected with a spam email bug and when I went to update today I found that Photoshop won't load any documents regardless of format.

Valentine's 2010 - The Return of Crupid

More like the return and departure of Crupid. I nearly forgot to do a Valentine's Day comic featuring the beloved WoW companion Crupid who made his first appearance back in 2009. Imagine the joy of getting an in-game pet AND a Crupid plushie from Blizzard. Type your request emails and send them to Blizzard Entertainment demanding that Crupid go into production. Thanks to the contributions of viewers like you I get to scratch off moving on my to-do list for February. Your donations are very much appreciated and do help a good deal. See you all again next week for the continuation of the storyline.

Echoes Through Time - Pg 124 "Back and to the Left"

If you've spent any amount of time in Stormwind I'm sure you've encountered William and Donna running about the streets. Even if you haven't seen them you know of their presence from the predictive text they spew as William runs around with Donna's doll, teasing her to the point of near insanity. The thing about stray bullets is that they can ricochet. Combine that with Cru's luck and destructive history, throw in a couple of wandering children and you've got potential tragedy turned to comedy. And as we all know you can't kill children in WoW, even if sometimes you want to shove William into the canals. I'm really sorry about the late update but life has once again thrown me off. My mother was rushed to the hospital ER because of a still unknown infection which caused her to run a fever and her blood pressure to drop dangerously low. That was earlier on in the week, she's stable now and on antibiotics. So now I had that on top of the job search and packing up to move.


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