Top 10 Cataclysm Bosses (Part 1)

Deathwing has been eliminated. The Cataclysm is over. For more than a year, Azeroth has been under the reckless mercy of the Aspect of Death and his Twilight legion. And now that the Old Gods' champion has been thoroughly subdued, peace has restored to the devastated planet...well...atleast for now.

With all the bosses down, we look back through the desolated halls of the Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of Four Winds, Tol Barad, Firelands, and Dragon Soul, and pieced together our top 5 bosses in the World of Warcraft expansion.

The following have been ranked based on difficulty, looks factor, battle area, and lore content. While some may be ranked for obvious reasons, you may find some a bit of a surprise. And hey, if you disagree with our own ranking, feel free to post on the comment section and show us your top 10! For this first part, we'll be talking about our numbers 10-6. Enjoy!

Hunter's Guide to Dragon Soul Raiding: Madness of Deathwing

This is it. You've put a dent on Deathwing's seemingly impenetrable armor, now it's time to hit him where it hurts the most, his unprotected, sort of disgusting, corrupted dragon body. You're almost at the finish line but things aren't gonna be easy, no. Deathwing's just begun to fight! With all of his forces dwindling and all of his plans failing, the Aspect of Death is set to finish everything what he has started by himself, by using the Cataclysm.
Are us Hunters gonna let the vile Deathwing have his way? Hell no! That's why we've created this final Dragon Soul raid guide for the gun/arrow slingers to read and kick some Cataclysm butt! As a preview, the entire fight is practically a survival (not the spec) encounter, where raid members should prioritize staying alive over giving top-notch DPS (we're not saying though you should slack around and do nothing!). Hit the break and let's get it on!

Hunter's Guide to Dragon Soul Raiding: Spine of Deathwing

Now is the time. For a year of suffering caused by the treachery Deathwing has brought unto Azeroth; for the facelifts the Dragon Aspect gave to the world that practically messed up our memories of vintage World of Warcraft; now it the time to finally challenge the Aspect of Death in a battle to the death, face to face...or rather face to spine. Get ready for tentacles, explosions, armors, and barrel rolls, 'coz this final faceoff with Deathwing is gonna be one you'll tell your grandchildren someday (or not).

Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Warmaster Blackhorn

The Wyrmrest Temple is safe and sound and the Dragon Aspects, along with Thrall, have powered up the Dragon Soul, thanks to you and your raid's valiant efforts in fending off elementals, minions of the Old Gods, and the strongest Twilight Dragon according to Deathwing. Now it's time for the raid to take it to the skies and pursue the Aspect of Death himself as we close down the curtains for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
But wait, just before you hop directly onto Deathwing and ruin his End of the World party, there's one tiny detail you need to take care of first. See, you're not gonna face DW without facing the remnants of his forces powerful enough to crush you guys, and they are the Twilight Drake Riders led by Warmaster Blackhorn.
Overall, this fight for the Hunters can be pretty movement and target-switching intensive. Plus there's a mechanic where, should the Hunter or any ranged DPS miss, the raid get screwed. Don't worry though, as long as you keep an eagle eye out, this fight is a cinch! Now onwards to battle!

Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Hagara the Stormbinder

The mightiest elemental and the servants of the Old Gods have kneeled to your power, and as you make your way through the final phases of the Cataclysm to ultimately stop Deathwing and his plot to extinguish all life in Azeroth, you will come across a foe that may look like a nobody at first, but that's until you witness its awesome ability to bend lightning and ice to its will. Better bring your fur coats and conductors, because Hagara the Stormbinder is out to chill and electrocute the raid down!
Compared to the past three battles, the encounter with Hagara the Stormbinder is movement-intensive, meaning Hunters may have a hard time focusing on their rotations to the boss as the fight involves mechanics that require everyone, and sometimes only the RDPS, to move. Don't fret though, this guide will teach you, the Hunter, on how to deal with the mechanics at the same time deal intense damage to the boss!

Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

You've demolished Mor'chok into bits and boulders, you've also broiled and smeared butter on the lobster-like freakazoid, Zon'ozz, into main course. With all of Deathwing's forces desperately stopping you and your raid from ruining his plans of world destruction, the ex-Dragon Aspect sends his most vile Old God servant to ruin your momentum. Gear up Hunters, because it's gonna be a slimy fight with the squid-like creeper, Yor'sahj the Unsleeper. 
In a nutshell, the Yor'sahj encounter is an easy fight which involves killing a particular add to avoid a particular ability. Team work, communication, and a hella lot of healing and DPS is needed if the raid wants to survive and win this battle. Not listening to the raid leader may and will result in serious trouble.

Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Zon'Ozz

The huge chunk of Elemental evil named Mor'chok is down, and you've saved the Wyrmrest Temple from complete destruction, but the battle isn't over yet as two of Deathwing's most powerful allies are still lingering inside N'Zoth's rancid creations, waiting for the perfect time to put the Wyrmrest Accord to its final resting place. It's up to you and your raid to defeat these monstrosities so you can advance further into the Dragon Soul raid and destroy Deathwing for good! One at a time of course, and today we'll take down the weird mutant lobster, Warlond Zon'Ozz.
Overall, the fight is neither hard nor is it a DPS check. It's a simple positioning and moving encounter where you make sure the damage is split between your party members while you hit Zon'Ozz with the full might of your Hunter fury!

Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Morchok

You've come this far slinging arrows into monster's chests and sometimes took an arrow to the knee on your own, and after all the harships you've come through, the weird bosses you've fought, the struggles of enduring with your annoying raid mates, now is the time to finally enter Deathwing's last bastion of destruction as he tries to complete the impending Cataclysm to the world you know as Azeroth.
Are you gonna let him end everything you've worked so hard for this past year? Of course not! And we're here to help you Hunters deal with Deathwing and his remaining forces in World of Warcraft Cataclysm's final (and somehow underwhelming) raid, Dragon Soul. And we're gonna start off with the strongest Elemental (seriously?) according to its official description, Morchok.

Hunter's Guide to End Time Dungeon: Murazond


You've conquered the ghost of Christmas past...err.. I mean the ghosts of Deathwing's Cataclysm; now it's time to face the lord of time himself as he unravels his true form and true intentions to the group that dares to rain on his parade. Enter the challenge of Murazond (aka Nozdormu's future self. That ought to clear up some lore loop holes... or open up some more!)

Of all the fights in the new dungeons given to us by patch 4.3, the fight against Murazond is the most unique (and that's a relative term). In a nutshell, it's practically a DPS race, but beyond that is an encounter that involves making the right decisions and right timing (well what did you expect from a fight against the Aspect of Time?). For a Hunter, simply pulling off a nice rotation may not be enough for the party as your ranged DPS and sheer cunning reflexes may spell victory or defeat in this fight.

Hunter's End Time Dungeon Guide: Echo of Sylvanas

Flames, arcane, and the moon have bowed down to your prowess. But your greatest challenge has yet to come. Can you handle the rotting trecheary of the undead? The wicked might of the shadows? The tormenting screams of agony? More importantly, the arrows of Lady Sylvanas?
In a world where the Cataclysm of Deathwing has beckoned, the undead leader wanders around Dragonblight gathering her forces of zombies to survive, and perhaps re-order the world to her own liking. It's your duty as the saviors of the past, present, and future to finally lay peace on the bow-wielding Banshee Queen so you can still save a present that's facing Deathwing's wrath.


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