Hunter's End Time Dungeon Guide: Echo of Tyrande

At the end of the world, darkness reigns throughout Azeroth. At the end of the world, the Dragon Aspects have been slained, except one. And no, it's not the trecherous Deathwing who's the one who has escaped from the fate of death, but a corrupted dragon which knows no time, no space, no limits. And in his rise to life eternal, he has corrupted Azeroth's mightiest heroes, even the most ancient and probably most powerful of them all, the priestess of Elune, Tyrande.
Yep, the mother of all Night Elves in the flesh and she's coming your way to barrage you with the shiny wrath of the moon and Elune. To some, it's a dream come true to fight the woman that was part of the War of the Ancients 10,000 years ago; to others, it's a dream come true to fight her but wondered what the hell happened and why she's being so whiny all of a sudden. You heard that right, the same Tyrande that rode the fiercest kitty of them all became all soft, mellowy, and breaks into tears every minute. 
But instead of talking about how weird the once pround priestess of the moon has become, we'll talk about her encounter. Overall, she's pretty much an easy boss to down, but Hunters may find it difficult to stay still and deliver a standard rotation. That's why we got Aspect of the Fox right?

Hunter's End Time Dungeon Guide: Echo of Jaina Proudmoore

You've handled the blazing heat flooded to you with the Baine encounter, now it's time cool off with Jaina Proudmoore's frosty treat! Yep, the mother of all Warcraft fandom finally comes out to play (and we say that in a non-sexual way, you creepy fanboys), this time as an enemy for both Alliance and the Horde. In order to fix the anomaly that's stopping Nozdormu from sending heroes to the past to pick-up the Dragon Soul, the group will encounter the ghosts that's concealing the problem, and one of them is the ghost of the proud ruler of Theramore, Jaina.
As an Alliance and an avid fan of the strongest mage in the world (my guide, my opinion :P), I've had mixed emotions when I was fighting the Echo of Jaina. But nevertheless, it was pretty awesome going toe-to-toe (or arrow to wand) against her. Overall, the fight against Jaina is pretty simple once you've gotten the hang of her abilities. And with a little environment awareness, quick reflexes, and considerable DPS, your group will have no prob at all in this fight.

Hunter's End Time Dungeon Guide: Echo of Baine Bloodhoof

Why hello there, Hunters, and give a warm hello to the beginning of the end of World of Warcraft Cataclysm! It's been an awesome expansion (and sometimes, disappointing), but here we are practically knocking on Deathwing's door to deliver a solid blow to end his reign of terror on Azeroth.
You've conquered the lands, seas, winds, and flames, but now we're going to face new challenges that will go beyond time and space as we enter the gauntlet of the trecherous lands of the future, past, and present through 4.3's new dungeons. For the next couple of days we'll be talking about the End Time instance as we dive into the bosses and teach you arrow-wielding heroes how to deal with them, Hunter-style. So sit back, chillax, and welcome to the end.

Hunter's Raiding Guide to the Firelands: Lord Rhyolith

Two down, five to go! After squishing the creepy crawly, Beth'tilac, and b*tch-slapping the boss that gives Hunters a bad name, Shannox, it's time we go deeper into the scorching terrain of Ragnarok's hood. And who could be a better person to welcome us into the fiery party than the ancient elemental who's out to get his revenge on the Titans that trapped him in the unforgiving scene of the Firelands, Lord Rhyolith.
Buckle up and get your bow and arrows ready, it's time to extinguish this searing mayhem down to ashes!

Hunter's Raiding Guide to the Firelands: Shannox

Welcome to another episode of Hunter's Raiding Guide to the Firelands. You've squished the creepy crawler, Beth'ilac, now it's time we walk the dogs and show Ragnaros' hood that we mean business. Today we're gonna talk about the boss who couldn't have chosen any better class to rip-off and use to fight against a raid, the hunter Shannox.

The fight will be intense with scorching hot attacks and mechanics, so listen closely ye Hunters. Let's shoot this hunter down to crisp!

Hunter's Guide to Raiding: Fireland's Beth'tilac

You're one step closer into ultimately defeating Deathwing and his minions as you draw near the final phases of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. But before you come crashing into Deathwing's party to stop the end of Azeroth, you must first go through his most powerful allies outside the Dragon Soul raid, the combustion army of the Firelands and the lord of all flames himself, Ragnaros.


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