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Way of the Light: Paladin Gearing Guide to Cataclysm

Now that you've scoured through Azeroth (or most likely spammed the Random Dungeon Finder system) to reach that hard-earned level 85 status, it's high time we show you what World of Warcraft is really all about---RAIDING! Whoah, whoah, whoah! Hold your horses!Before we get there, we need to take care of something first so you won't appear like a noob--carelessly walking around instances causing wipes and stuff.
Every veteran WoW player knows that befoer entering a raid, a character should be properly geared. What does that exactly mean? Even though you've gotten the best gears in your quest and your normal dungeons, these aren't enough to protect you from the harshest territories of Cataclysm. Being geared means you've gotten the best armor and weapons available through either the Justice Points Quartermaster OR Heroic Cataclysm dungeons.

Way of the Light: Paladin Guide for Beginners

Greetings Azeroth dweller. If you're reading this, then that only means you've just chosen to become a part of Warcraft's greatest class to ever grace it's lands. The light-wielding, butt-kicking, the ever-so-reliable and most used class in the game; the Paladin. May Light be with you as you begin your voyage in defeating the forces of evil and in getting those epic gears so you can finish the game as swiftly as possible.
Fear not as us seasoned Paladins shall guide you on your way to greatness. The road may be trecherous, but with this guide, we're going to make it a tad faster and easier.

Hunter's Guide to Zul'Aman: Daakara

You did it, after seemingly hundreds of attempts in trying to kill the bosses in Cataclysm's Zul'Aman, you've finally reached the homestretch.
You've clipped the wings of Akil'zon, tamed the wild beast Nalorakk, survived hell fire from Jan'Alai, circled the lion's.. or rather lynx's den of Halazzi, and toyed with death with Hex Lord Malacrass. Now, it's high time you face the leader of the Amani empire, the sucessor of Zul'Jin, Daakara.
Tread lightly as this final epic battle is one hell of a fight. You'll realize that the bosses you've defeated prior to Daakara will come back to haunt you.

Hunter's Guide to Zul'Aman: Hex Lord Malacrass

You're almost at the finish line, hunter. After subduing the rip-off of a hunter named Halkarri, now it's time to face the penultimate boss of Zul'Aman, the man... or troll responsible for cursing the mighty troll warriors with the spirits of the troll gods, the Hex Lord Malacrass.

Tread safely upon facing this troll of the shadows, he isn't regarded the most feared witch doctor of the Amani tribe for nothing!

In this encounter you'll be fighting an unlikely opponent, yourselves.Well not really. More like the abilities of your party. Seems like the witch doctor is IN... to make our quest through Zul'Aman a little more difficult. But by knowing what abilities the boss got up his sleeves, things will be a little easier than it's suppose to be.

Hunter's Guide to Zul'Aman: Halazzi

Whoah! You're halfway to the end of Zul'Aman. It's pretty long, isn't it? Well, being a raid in its previous life, it should be. But the rewards in the instance are pretty sweet upgrades if you haven't done any of the 
entry-level raids (but why?!).
Today we'll be talking about the lynx avatar, the hunter Halazzi. Although he's by title a hunter, in the encounter he acts more like a shaman with all his totems and stuff. He doesn't use any bows and arrows (and why should he if the tank is at him all the time) but he does sort of have a pet (although it's more likely that Halazzi is the pet since the lynx he summons is a Troll god).
Compared to Jan'alai, the encounter is pretty easy if the party knows what they're doing.
Hit the break to see the strat on how to beat this hunter imposter!

Hunter's Guide to Zul'Aman: Jan'Alai

You've flown with the wind Avatar, Akil'zon, and you've danced to a brutal brawlfest with the bear avatar, Nalorakk. Now it's time to dish some damage to the dragonhawk avatar, the highly skilled rogue Jan'Alai.
A word of caution co-hunters, this is the boss where most of the Zul'Aman newbies wipe every single time. Not because he's particularly hard per se, but because parties don't strategize and handle the Hatchers and dragonhawk adds properly throughout the fight. Without the right plan, you are bound to face an army of dragonhawks (and an incredible huge amount of lag) that leads to a wipe.
Hit the break to see the right way of dealing this rogue dragonhawk avatar.

Hunter's Guide to Zul'Aman: Nalorakk

Now that you've conquered the electrifying battle with bird man, Akil'zon, now it's time to press on through Zul'Aman with your next boss, the bear god avatar, Nalorakk. And although he looks intimidating with a bear mask with a gaping mouth, by figuring out how this battle works, the guy is just a cub rather than a full-blown daddy bear.

Nalorakk is located at the south-west of the Zul'Aman instance. Being the bear god avatar that he is, the path towards the encounter is filled with trolls mounted on Amani bears. And unlike the trash mobs on the road towards Akil'zon, the enemies require a certain amount of CC. Failure to properly execute a CC may lead to a wipe. But enough about the trash, let's talk about the boss!

Hunter's Guide to Zul'Aman: Akil'zon

Firelands may be out, but that doesn't mean you no longer need to do your random heroic dungeons as you continue to grind your way through the final phases of Cataclysm. Besides, how would you survive Ragnaros' realm without first conquering the temples of the Trolls?
Other than being a great way to revisit classic World of Warcraft gaming, the instances of the Troll empire provide all the gears you need to prepare yourself for the fiery call of the Firelands. Be warned though, this instance isn't as easy despite your heroic gears from your previous Cataclysm dungeons. The animal gods might laugh at your face with your guns and bows from the Twilight Cult.
Today we'll be talking about the wind god from the Zul'Aman instance, Akil'zon. He is located at the northern-west of the instance which we generously pointed out at the Zul'Aman map after the break.

Hunter's Guide for the World Shaman Questline

Ladies and gentlemen of the bow and arrow, it looks like we're down at the last stretch before Deathwing reveals his fugly face for us to laugh or get laughed at. As the Cataclysm continues to unfold in Azeroth, the Aspect of Death sends his most trusted ally, Ragnaros, to complete what his other minions has failed to do.

And the fire lord wastes no time as he sends the Twilight Hammer to ruin the healing process as he captures and confundles the world's very last hope against destruction, Thrall. It's now up to you, hunter, to save the World Shaman before it's too late.

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