Blackwing Descent Hunter Loot Guide

You've conquered Cataclysm's Heroic Dungeons, now it's time to conquer Cataclysm's raids. After days and weeks of grinding dungeons just to get that shiny new gun or bow, or even that staff from Lost City of Tol'vir or Stonecore, it's high time to put those equipments (and skills) to the test by doing raids! It will be a tough and trecherous ride as you will often find yourself in wipes, but the rewards will be worth every blood, sweat, and bathroom breaks missed.

Bastion of Twilight Loot Guide for Hunters

It's time to bring the big guns. The raid fights in Cataclysm has never been this dynamic with fight mechanics that are just as crazy as the Lich King or Ruby Sanctum fights. However, no matter how hard an encounter is, we still push on to not only get the achievement and prestige that we've defeated one of the expansion's toughest bosses, but also because of the shiny new gear that comes along with it!

Crowd Control Guide for Newbies: NPC Chart Guide

Crowd Control or CC has never been this important in World of Warcraft ever since the Burning Crusade expansion. With the rise of enemy mobs composed of dangerous melee, casters and healers, it's out of the question that a group should always have a crowd controller to even the playing field. Yes, Wrath of the Lich King spoiled us a little (I mean ALOT) when the mobs in Heroic Dungeons and even in raids require no CC at all, as party members rain down their mindless AOE attacks just to top that DPS chart. But World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has again brought back the lost art most of the classes have forgotten, and it is inevitable that we should re-learn how to do them.

Hunter's Guide for Heroic: Lost City of the Tol'vir

The Lost City of the Tol'vir, one of the final stops in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's Heroic Dungeons circuit. If you've been through the Culling of Stratholme, the instance run may look familiar, however the spawn points of trashes and bosses are definite. The Lost City of the Tol'vir back in the days when Patch 4.0.6 was non-existent was also one of the group-killers, making everyone in the group quit after several wipes from the first boss. But eversince that epic patch came around, things have gone a little easier, but taking it easy will be your first step to your doom.

Grim Batol Drake Run Guide

Grim Batol is definitely one of the most difficult and longest Heroic Dungeons that we've ever encountered in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm so far. With Twilight Cultists practically all over the former breeding ground of then enslaved Alexstrasza and her red dragon flight, it's not that hard to imagine players immediately leaving after seeing the dark purplish loading screen of the instance (don't get me started on tanks!). Even though the place has been nerfed after the herald of Patch 4.0.6, the place still takes a long time to complete.

Enchanting Gold Guide (Updated for Cataclysm)

Enchanting is one of the professions that can make you tons of gold. The problem with enchanting is it can be quite complicated for a newbie. Unlike other professions that just require you to craft things, enchanting can also disenchant, enchant, and sell enchant scrolls. Here's a simplified way of how to earn using enchanting.

Before anything else, download this enchanting spreadsheet for cataclysm. This will help a lot to determine if you're going to profit from crafting enchant scrolls. When you open the spreadsheet, only change the values in yellow highlight. This spreadsheet will automatically calculate how much you can profit by subtracting how much the enchant scrolls sell for in the Auction House from the cost buying raw materials at a certain price and .

WOW Darkmoon Faire Beginner's Guide (Part 1)

Azeroth is just full of surprises. Despite the world falling apart from a relentless assault of demons, zombies, and even dragon aspects, the people of a war torn society never forget to fool around once in a while and enjoy the simple things in life; whether it be weird, odd, or just plain WTF.

Beast Mastery Hunter and Patch 4.0.6: Talent Spec and Shot Rotation

Patch 4.0.6 has definitely shifted Hunter DPS across the three specs in the past couple of weeks, particularly in boss and single enemy fights. Before, the Survival spec was the most powerful Hunter build the class and perhaps the entire game has ever seen in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, but with the nerfs and buffs that's been done in the recent patch, the legendary Survival Spec's overall DPS has decreased while BeastMastery and Marksmanship increased, making spec selection a little less one sided.


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