Holy Paladin Cataclysm Pre-Raiding Heroic Dungeon and Quartermaster Gears

Gearing for Holy Paladins can be relatively easy compared to the rest of the class. First is because we're the only class and spec that can roll for intelligence plates; second is because we're the only healers around (unless other spellcasters want our stuff). However, the gift can also be a curse as our options are very few and chances of a boss dropping what you want is lower compared to others. But still, having luck out of the picture, those gears are as good as ours.

Here are the pre-raiding gears for Holy Paladins which can be acquired either through Heroic Dungeons or Faction Quartermasters. Either way, you have to grind through heroic dungeons in order to get what you want. Check the list out and gear yourselves up as you prepare for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's treacherous raid instances.

Achievement Hunter : Well Read

 Achievement Hunter : Well Read

Want to start achievement hunting? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Each Fortnight Phoenixsting will go over some achievement hunting, with tips on where to begin.

Well Read is all about the books! Though it may seem daunting at first, I assure with just a little time and this guide you can fly right though it.


I will be going over the quickest way to get all of the books needed for this achievement, its going to go a lot quicker if you are a mage or have a mage friend that can port you around and there are certain parts of this I wouldn’t attempt until you are at least 80 or have a friend that can run you through. Without further ado lets get into those books!

Jewelcrafting Gem Spreadsheet for Cataclysm

Download Jewelcrafting Gem Spreadsheet for Cataclysm. This will calculate how much you can profit from buying gems and cutting them. This doesn't take into account AH deposit fee and the AH cut. But at least you have an idea how much you can profit from just buying raw gems, cutting them, and selling it in the Auction House. So far there's still no epic gems, so this will be updated as soon as a new patch comes out.


Hunter's Guide to Blackrock Caverns Bosses

Heroic Dungeons in Cataclysm has been a pain hasn't it? Not only have we witnessed ridiculously long queue times when going for a PUG, we've also witnessed some of the worst people in the group; DPS, healer and tank alike. Though us Hunters can't really do anything about the pugs (though we can work it out by bringing in guildies), the best thing we can do is lessen the stress of it all by knowing the fights in our perspective.

Beginner's Guide to Summoning Omen

Welcome to the Lunar Festival. Where the druids go loco over some moonlight as they spread across Azeroth honoring the triumph of the denizens of the planet against the mighty Burning Legion. This is also the time where people pay tribute to the demigods that helped in purging the invaders of Azeroth, and by paying tribute, I mean killing them.

Today we'll be discussing the demigod corehound Omen and particularly how to summon him. Omen is one of the creatures that was blessed by Elune to safeguard Kalimdor, but the Burning Legion has somehow corrupted him and turned the creature into a demon. And now as the Lunar Festival strikes, he roams the shores of Lake Elune'ara, waiting for champions to challenge his might and rage.

How to summon Omen

Leatherworking Spreadsheet

leatherworking spreadsheet
Here's a spreadsheet for leatherworking. As always, only change the values in yellow highlight. It will automatically do a comparison which leather you should choose (heavy savage leather, savage leather, or savage leather scraps) to get maximum profit. Enjoy! :)

Lunar Festival Elders Location

Lunar Festival, one of the few World of Warcraft events that coincide with a real-life regional holiday festivities which is the Chinese New Year. But who cares about real-life, we're in the game! The Lunar Festival is a yearly event that celebrates Azeroth's victory over the Burning Legion thousands of years ago in an epic battle that resulted in the Sundering. And although many races and classes rejoiced in that triumphant battle, the Druids are primarily the ones leading the festivities as they honor the goddess Elune for her blessings during the war.

Rogue Glyph Guide for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

The glyphs for Rogues available in Cataclysm is as rewarding as ever, as several new glyphs have jumped into the fray that will both tickle excitement and level frustrations as 3 slots sometimes won't be enough to appease our needs. What's good about this though is that it allows us players to experiment various combinations that will suit our rotation/priorities as we boost both our energy management, combo points generation and ultimately, our DPS.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we already know that Glyph are permanently learned and only need Vanishing Powder/Dust of Disappearance whenever a player needs to re-glyph, plus we also have the convenience of our glyph settings getting saved on your current spec.

Hunter's Guide for Baradin Hold's Argaloth

Now you've gotten you're heroic gears after that long and grueling runs over at heroic dungeon instances, plus grinded several of Cataclysm's factions in order to get some sweet epic gears and enchantments, it's now time for the big(ger) league.

After all that sweat and toil in Cataclysm's heroic dungeons, most likely your average gear level now is 340+, which means you're more or less prepared to raid. And as expected, Blizzard has upped the ante again for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as their raids are tougher than ever. Fortunately, the game provides raiding instances that will allow you to build up your skills and gears overtime, and one of the easiest raid in Cataclysm is Baradin's Hold.

A Letter to the DPS, From a Healer

Dear DPS, Christmas was a time of joy, a time of cheers and a time of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Eversince the expansion began, us healers haven't exactly been getting a good time since we can't solo most of our quests (Twilight Highlands was horror incarnate for soloing healers). Yeah sure we have the option of nicely asking our friends or guildies for help, but some healers aren't that fortunate. So we usually just use our off-spec to grind the quests, not having much time practicing our healing skills.


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