Useful Mage AddOns

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mage AddOns That Will Boost DPS and Make You More Effective

There are three AddOns that I find extremely useful for being a mage:

A Look at the Warrior’s Talent Tree

 A Warrior inside and out knows no limits in dealing massive burst damage or mitigating attacks from opponents of all shapes and sizes. Being a Warrior requires a lot of focus from the player and enough responsibility to use a rotation that will not excessively abuse a Warrior’s source of strength, Rage. Managing Rage can become a task and a hassle if not dealt with properly, so as the swash-buckling, shield wielding harbinger of pain and protection, you’ve got to realize that with great power, comes great responsibility.

If you’re new to the Warrior business, you’ll notice that there are 2 main roles the class can do, and can do VERY well: Burst DPS and Tanking. And in doing these parts effectively will totally depend on 2 things, your gear and talent tree. Let’s talk about talent trees for now and see what each can do for you thirst for some Warrior awesomeness.

A Venture Into the Unknown

As Cataclysm inches closer and closer, of the next few weeks I will be venturing into the Unkown! I will be going all around Azeroth going to places that:

A) People Have Forgotten About
B) Cool Places That Most People Don't Visit

If you have a place you'd like me to visit use the Contact Forum on the website! 

I also recomend people who never played in the Classic World of Warcraft to go and visit Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, imagine trying to get 40 people together, the right class combinations, all on at one night. It was beauty of the good old days -- or the not so good days depending on how much Guild Drama you had.

Great for Blizzard to really cut back from the 40man instances.

Gear Doesn't Matter!

After hours of testing and spending time in battlegrounds, its pretty simple. Gear doesn't matter. Someone with a gearscore of 2000 is as good as someone with a gearscore of 5000. I went and got my mage the legacy level 60 pvp gear set and equiped it and starting using in battlegrounds. What were the results? No difference from my level 80 pvp gear set! Read more below ...


Wha?!?!? Long Battleground Queue Times?

A little something I noticed this morning when I went to queue up for my daily battlegrounds. LONG queue times, the longest I've seen them. It made me a bit angry.


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