Useful Mage AddOns

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mage AddOns That Will Boost DPS and Make You More Effective

There are three AddOns that I find extremely useful for being a mage:

The Seeker - WoW Lore

Love the stories in the wonderful Warcraft Universe? Do you take your time to read all of that quest text? Do you spend as much time reading about the game as you do playing it? Then The Seeker is the place for you. Each fortnight Phoenixsting will go over some of the wonderful lore in the Warcraft Universe for your reading pleasure.


We are working on some new features for Word of Warcraft content and we need your help.
The three subjects we will be covering are: Raids, Guilds, and Player Spotlight of the Week.
For raids, we want your submitted information on what realm has downed what bosses. We are also going to showcase some raiding guilds, let them tell their story on what is working for them, and to give advice to any other raiding guilds. We will also focus on other guilds too, not just the raiding guilds. So submit your guild as well. Any guilds that are submitted we will also provide a link to your guild site so Azzor readers can find out more information on your guild.
In conjunction with we are working on a new feature called the Player Spotlight of the week. This will be someone you nominate to be chosen to be recognized for what they are doing to help others inside and out of Azeroth.

Don't let another day get ruined on WoW

We have all been there, a bad player who can ruin a pug. That jerk who cleared the Guild Bank of all the worthwhile items to sell in the Auction House and then quit the guild, the trolls who think trade chat is the place to get their ADHD attention they are not getting at home… What could you do before now?
Go to the official World of Warcraft Forums and post a complaint about them, then risk the same player rolling a level 1 toon and making up stuff about you there.
Go on the public channels yourself and try to warn players about them, which will usually get the same result as using the World of Warcraft forums and a lot of other people joining in against you.
Do nothing, grit your teeth, and play on. Your day has been ruined once again.
Will somebody please do something to stop these people?
Help is closer than you think.


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