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Useful Mage AddOns

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mage AddOns That Will Boost DPS and Make You More Effective

There are three AddOns that I find extremely useful for being a mage:

WoWshot: Somewhere in time

Starrkiller (Across the Stars) of Aman'Thal was doing that fun quest while grinding rep with Sons of Hodir, Thrusting Hodir's Spear, where you capture the dragon and kill it in the air? Well he was munched and died in the air. His death allowed for a cool screen shot.

Do you have a cool or uniquie screen shot you want to share? Send it to: make sure to include your character's name, guild, and realm. Also include a short description about the picture. 

For best screen shots, make sure to hide your name and interface (Alt+Z).

The new "Looking for Group" and you!

It has been over a week since the 3.3 patch went live on the realms and a lot of you have been using the new Looking For Group features. This radical change has added a fair share of bonuses and drawbacks to PUGs.

Some of the praises that have been heard are less waiting for groups, now that the groups are made up of players across your entire battle group instead of just your realm. This has created a new pool of players to choose from in making groups, however random the system may be at picking players. I have had good luck at getting groups for just about every dungeon I ran. The longest I have had to wait was around ten minutes for an Oculus run that some guild members needed for the achievement.


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