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Long awaited gaming Duke Nukem Forever coming out in May

Video game enthusiasts have been waiting a long time for “Duke Nukem Forever,” which ultimately has a launch date set. The game has been in limbo for over a decade. Fans of the “Duke Nukem” series have begun thinking a sequel was never going to be unveiled. The game releases within the United States on May 3 and worldwide May 6. I'd bet several people take out a payday advance just to purchase this game. Source for this article - Video game Duke Nukem Forever finally being released in May by MoneyBlogNewz.

'Duke Nukem Forever' finally ascends from growth hell

WOW Darkmoon Faire Beginner's Guide (Part 1)

Azeroth is just full of surprises. Despite the world falling apart from a relentless assault of demons, zombies, and even dragon aspects, the people of a war torn society never forget to fool around once in a while and enjoy the simple things in life; whether it be weird, odd, or just plain WTF.

The Beauty of RP Servers

I was siting down at my desk and when I log on to World of Warcraft, its an RP server. It got me wondering .... Why RP?

To me, the beauty of an RP server comes down to two reasons.

1. Mature Player Base - Its something I've noticed over the years of playing MMOs, RP servers just seems to have a more mature playerbase and that is something that I'm always looking for. I like to play with people to know how to conduct themselves but are still able to have a good time. is now tweeting!

 It was bound to happen someday, well now it has. is finally on  Twitter,
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CEO Comments on StarCraft Beta

The CEO of Blizzard "Feels confident that Starcraft 2 beta will be this year"

Great News for all StarCraft Players!

Diablo 3 class is announced!

The Monk

Watching BlizzCon Now, class looks wicked sweet, mix of melee with magic. Will try and get you the trailer ASAP.

The Decline and Fall of an Ultra Rich Online Gaming Empire

If you happened to have missed it, posted an article about the ultimate fate of IGE.  You may have read our expose on IGE and their involvement with many of the largest MMO 'fansites' out there today.  

Back in November, Wired writes:

It's happening!


Wow, I've been wanting to get Azzor moved over to a new CMS for MONTHS!  A big sticking point was being able to keep all the old content searchable in it's current form, as well as being able to keep all forum content and existing users.

One other thing I wanted to be able to do was continue to use vBulletin for the forums AND have them share a common login with whatever CMS I chose to go with.


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