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Cataclysm Preview: Halls of Origination

In the wake of Deathwing's return, the powerful mysteries of Uldum sheathed within the mountains of southern Tanaris will be left vulnerable to discovery. Those who ascertain the purpose of the ancient titan Halls of Origination might just be able to unearth knowledge of Azeroth's very origins, or harness the capacity to bring about its end. Learn more about this new level-85 dungeon coming in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm here.

New Concept Art

Our Concept Art gallery has been updated with two new pieces from the Warcraft universe.

Connect with Your Friends Using Real ID

We’ve just released a new preview of our upcoming Real ID feature, a new, optional way to connect with your friends on the revamped When you and a friend agree to become Real ID friends, you’ll have access to a number of options designed to enrich your social gaming experience, including cross-game chat, broadcast messages, the ability to keep in contact with your friends without having to keep track of their different characters across realms or across games, and much more. Check out our new Real ID page here.

Follow Macro

Follow Macro

A simple follow macro is extremely easy and useful. Target the person you wish to follow and you can simply use the %T variable in the macro and any person you have targeted you will follow by using the macro. The %T variable makes this a very good all around macro to use for following either in a party or out of a party.

/follow %T<;/span> Another way to make a follow macro is the following example, however it is less useful due to the fact that you can only use when in a party.

Assist Macros

World of Warcraft Macros and Scripts

Most of these scripts and macros have been pulled from various forum posts in the WOW, Wowiki and various other forums. We also take no credit for making any of these only for trying to compile them into a single place so others can reference these easier and faster. If you find any errors in the macros or even have a question about a script feel free to contact me through the private messaging system and I will get back to you A.S.A.P. Thanks


The Third Faction

NOTICE: Please excuse the mess,
we are currently re-organizing the comics page.

Rogue Guide Advanced

** UPDATE  **

Check out our newly updated and improved Rogue Guide!

** UPDATE **

Accelerate all the way to level 80 and make heaps of gold with proven strategies from Zygor Guides!

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