Spinning Shields and You: Tankhard Prot Warrior Guide


In his Debut appearance, please welcome Dellingr, Tankhard Author!!!

Dellingr has been a prominent name on the official World of Warcraft warrior and tanking forums for a good portion of the cataclysm expansion. His guide has been received as one of the most comprehensive Protection warrior tanking guides available today, and covers every aspect of  the role/spec in great detail.

With the release of Mists of Pandaria on the horizon,  I’m really excited to welcome Dellingr here at Tankhard. 


Do you dare to look different?

You know, with the inclusion of the new (now fairly old!) Transmogrification system, I’m kind of surprised by the fact that I still see people wandering around showing the fairly bland and generic armor sets that Blizzard put together for them by just putting the more attractive stats on them.

Aren’t these people tempted? Isn’t there the smallest spark of originality left in the general player base?

I’m really surprised that more people don’t take advantage of the appearance customization with more abandon.


To keybind or not to keybind.

At the end of the day, the answer’s pretty simple isn’t it?

When you bind your abilities, as many of them you can to keys, it can do a lot of things for you during the course of your adventures in Azeroth.

Primarily, keybinding a giant chunk of your abilities will serve the purpose of speeding up your reaction time with said abilities and, speaking as a tank, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Even if it’s a somewhat more obscure ability, one that you never use that often, if you have it keybound and are in the habit of hitting it when the situation arises, that’s something that will play to your benefit.

Things Taken for Granted

In the aftermath of all of the boss strategies and the hopeful fall of Deathwing I think that we need a bit of a break away from all of the seriousness.

Let’s take a step away from all of the serious topics and maybe even take half a step away from WoW even.

There’re a large number of things in WoW that I think most of us take for granted. I mean, yeah, there are a whole lot of issues that we may see as effecting us negatively that we wish were different but over time, over years, there are things that we just sort of assume is there and always was there.

Isn’t it funny how it’s only after such things are taken away that you even notice their presence?

Tanking the Madness of Deathwing Part 2

Sorry for the huge delay but a slew of computer problems kept things nice and hectic at the start of the week!

…But who cares!

Anyway, when we left off last week, we were all knee deep in tentacles, tentacles, tentacles and some corruptions with no real way to make sense of it all so let’s take a look at that now.

The general kill order will be to burn the Mutated Corruptions then the Elementium Bolts, dealing with the smaller tentacles/bloods as they pop up and throwing whatever damage you can onto the wing or arm tentacle whenever you can.

Tanking the Madness of Deathwing Part 1

Alright, so we’re finally here, sitting there facing the last boss of the expansion.

As you can probably imagine, being the final boss of the expansion, it’s a very complex fight and there’s an awful lot going on at once. It can be a lot to take in at once so as before, with his spine, we’ll be covering the fight in two phases, the first going over the abilities and attacks that you’ll see during the fight and the second dealing with the strategy.

The encounter takes place on four large platforms, each with a couple mobs and a dragon aspect. Each of the four dragon aspects grant every member of your raid a unique buff which will all have a part to play and we’ll deal with those as we come to them.

World of Warcraft Q&A: Class Design & Balance Transcript

Welcome to the World of Warcraft class balance and design Q&A!

We have our entire class design team here today to answer your questions! Hi, I’m Bashiok. Myself and Zarhym are here to run the show. Say hello Zarhym!


Hello, Zarhym! <3 Welcome to our second CoverItLive world of Warcraft Developer Q&A! Our class designers will be fielding questions on the past, present, and future of class design and balance. Whether you want to talk about current affairs, 4.3 changes, the upcoming Mists of Pandaria talent system, or the monk class, all’s fair…


Upcoming Epic Gems

With the 4.3 patch looming just over the horizon, I hope that you guys have taken advantage of the interim to stockpile your supply a gold just a tad as there’s something coming out with this expansion which will need a fair bit of it.

Epic gems will be coming out with this next patch and the standard conventions will apply in this case.

As it’ll take a bit before there’s a good supply of them flooding the market, for those of us not funded by the guild bank or not sitting on the bleeding edge of progression content might want to hold off a bit before buying to allow for the price to go down a bit.

Speculation: Tanking Legendary

How many people found themselves a little disappointed when that patch note was released about the next legendary item only to find that it wasn’t a tanking item? And, as a point of fact, was about as far from a tanking item as you could get?

It was a hard blow to be sure.

We tanks haven’t really had the best of luck when it comes to rolling big on that legendary lottery.

Of all of the legendary quality items that have been released, there’s only been about one and a half legendary items that was a decent fit for the tanking role.

Zul’Gurub or Zul’Aman

Alright, today we’re going to be looking at the two relatively newer heroics that have been released and how they differ from one another. The purpose of this article isn’t really to tell you how all of the fights will run and share tips for the various bosses. What we’re going to be covering here are the overall look and feel of the dungeons and approximately when you should feel comfortable volunteering to tank one or the other.

Right off the bat, something that you need to understand is that these dungeons weren’t created on the line with the other heroics out there. Namely speaking, the two Zul instances are created to bridge a gap between the current set of heroics and the entry level raids that are out right now.


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