Shaidy Advice, Tips, and Tricks for Leveling to 90

I hope that the information I’ve provided in the video below allows you to successfully gain those server first achievements. If you have any questions please feel free to ask questions in the comments! If for some reason you aren’t playing on launch day I’ll be powering to level 90 and streaming it all at twitch.tv/shaidyadvice

Cataclysm Leveling Techniques

With the oncoming Cataclysm only a scant two and a half weeks away, it’s high time that you start preparing for how you’re planning to level up to 85, if you haven’t already.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when thinking about this ranging from efficiency, speed and fun factor but I’ll help you cover at least the broad strokes of the pros and cons of each method in the hopes that you find something that will call to you and draw you to it.

Diving right into the heart of the matter, the first method is for those that are concerned with hitting the level cap as quickly as humanly possible.


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