I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess.

Tank Hard – I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess
You want me to let what, exactly, hit me in the face repeatedly?

NB: This has all changed with the removal of the 6% crit reduction for locks and non-prot warriors, this change relegates lock “tanking” to low level mobs or purely spell based bosses. If you are reading this and would like me to do a full on guide for the kind of tanking we can now do, please let me know in the comments. It’s going to be extremely situational in progression raiding so I won’t be doing too much on it unless I get some feedback!!!!

To Panda or Not to Panda

So…pandas huh?

Who saw that one coming?

With the release of the new expansion, I’m sure that most, if not all, of us will end up picking it up and immersing ourselves in the world and the lore behind the pandaren.

As with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, there is also the matter of the fact that there is a new class available with the release of Mists of Pandaria, the monk class.

Here’s the thing, having gone through his expansion phase a few times now, we can more accurately predict what sort of paths that people will choose to take compared to when the Burning Crusade was first released when everything sort of took everyone by surprise.

Speculation: Tanking Legendary

How many people found themselves a little disappointed when that patch note was released about the next legendary item only to find that it wasn’t a tanking item? And, as a point of fact, was about as far from a tanking item as you could get?

It was a hard blow to be sure.

We tanks haven’t really had the best of luck when it comes to rolling big on that legendary lottery.

Of all of the legendary quality items that have been released, there’s only been about one and a half legendary items that was a decent fit for the tanking role.

Tanking Ruby Sanctum

Ruby Sanctum is out and tanks will be having their hands full as the fights in the raid require coordination and cooperation along with a huge amount of raid awareness. This dragon-mashing, fire-blazing slugfest will be a test of tanking skills and reflexes as you and your team save the home of the Red Dragonflight and the world from the impending arrival of Deathwing. This guide will breakdown the basic strategy of the 4 bosses in the dungeon for the ever reliable, ever resilient tankers.

Before we start, once you’re in a raid, make sure what kind of tank you will be. Knowing whether you are a main tank (MT) or an off tank (OT) will help you manage the bosses, the debuff stacks, and the adds.

Death Knights Prepare For Some Blood

Death Knight tanks are two-pronged, it’s either you love them or hate them. Admit it, there are a couple of heroic dungeon PUGs where the DK tank kinda screws up the pull, can’t maintain a decent aggro, or worse, confused whether they’re really tanks or a 4th DPS. Players usually have a hard time choosing on which talent tree they should focus on when it comes to tanking. Unholy, Frost, and Blood specs have abilities that are extremely useful for tanks, but they couldn’t learn it because they need to spend talent points before getting them.

Originally, Death Knights are Blizzard’s experiment in concocting a hybrid class that can play 2 roles, whatever talent spec the player chooses. This experiment received mixed reviews as DKs tend to get envious of their Pally, Warrior, and even Druid counter parts’ dedicated tanking tree.

Tank like a girl, the series: The Death Knight

Today’s tank is another healer who has discovered the joys of tanking. An alliance shaman by night, she raids with us during the day as Lashe. Like Shiawase from last week, she is in our sister guild over on alliance side and one of their raid leaders. They actually dared push to 7/12 in ICC now, one boss ahead of us. This cannot be! ;) But anyway, I will let Lashe continue, she of the overpowered threat of Icy Touch. ;)

Tank like a girl, the series: The Paladin

I got some very positive feedback on last week’s post, especially from female tanks, so I am very happy to continue this week. Guild tank number 2 I would like to introduce to you is Shiawase. Her main is an Arms warrior, so she’s very familiar with my own class, but she’s also an excellent paladin tank. She’s also one of the raid leaders of our sister guild on alliance side on our realm Bronzebeard, and an all around awesome person I am happy to call my friend. Now, paladins are somewhat the…hm, arch-nemesis of warriors in some respects, as they are so strong in all the areas that warriors are weaker. I have certainly done my share of whining when tanking alongside a paladin, because it can get frustrating. But ultimately, we’re one team, we tank, we rock the house.

Tank like a girl, the series: The Druid

I have been one of the very few tanks in my guild for years now. We just never have a lot of those. In TBC, it was two warriors, a bear, and very late into the expansion a paladin or two. In WotLK we struggled in similar fashion. For a good long time, it was me and a paladin. The paladin moved on, and our first DK tank emerged. Now, going towards the end of the expansion’s life cycle, we finally have four progression tanks signing up for raids, more than we have ever had before. In a guild of more than 400 characters, it’s just those four for progression. Interestingly enough, the four of us are all of a different class. And thus, the idea grew in my head how it would be to ask those other three to collaborate, and truly make this blog represent how it is to tank like a girl. Four girls, all of them tanks, representing their views on why they love tanking, and why they love their particular class, and any thought that comes to mind.

3.3.3, now with 100% more Revenge

Originally, I had wanted to post a rant about protection warriors this week, and how tanking in ICC-10 has been so far, but yesterday’s patch changed my tune. Instead of ranting I am going back to being bubbly and excited about prot warriors.

I didn’t have time to play yesterday and had a lot of issues with the loading screen boss, but I managed to run VoA with my shaman and then test the warrior changes.

As quick summary, here are the changes that affect protection warriors:

The State of the Kadomi

It’s been over a month since I last posted in early February. After that post, something happened that I had not forseen, a combination of burnout both as protection warrior and as blogger. My original vision for this blog was to post and share my experiences as a protection warrior in a casual WoW environment, who happens to play a role that is traditionally male-dominated, more than any other role in World of Warcraft. But when I started to not enjoy that particular role anymore, I lost my drive to post. I did not stop playing Kadomi, but I often phased her out, focusing more on my other beloved orc girl, my resto shaman.


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