Heart of Fear: Amber-Shaper Un’sok

Hopefully this video guide to the 5th boss in the Heart of Fear, Amber-Shaper Un’sok will allow you to “construct” a better strategy for defeating this encounter.

Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults: Feng the Accursed

I hope you are all prepared for the next installation of the advice being handed out for the next encounter. Shaidy goes over their tips for getting through this encounter.

For help with The normal mode, you can check out our previous video guide.

Heroic Feng the Accursed

Mogu’shan Vaults – Elegon Video

In this installment of our Mogushan Vaults video series, Shaidy goes over tips and tactics for the 1st boss that many guilds get stuck on, Elegon.You can find more tips for Mogushan Vaults in our Stone Guard Video and our Feng Video.

Elegon 10m

Shaidy Advice, Tips, and Tricks for Leveling to 90

I hope that the information I’ve provided in the video below allows you to successfully gain those server first achievements. If you have any questions please feel free to ask questions in the comments! If for some reason you aren’t playing on launch day I’ll be powering to level 90 and streaming it all at twitch.tv/shaidyadvice

I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess.

Tank Hard – I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess
You want me to let what, exactly, hit me in the face repeatedly?

NB: This has all changed with the removal of the 6% crit reduction for locks and non-prot warriors, this change relegates lock “tanking” to low level mobs or purely spell based bosses. If you are reading this and would like me to do a full on guide for the kind of tanking we can now do, please let me know in the comments. It’s going to be extremely situational in progression raiding so I won’t be doing too much on it unless I get some feedback!!!!

You complete me\Altoholic\Please no PVP in my PVE

Ok so the blog title has absolutely nothing to do with wow...what it has to do with is iron man which I saw last week. If you're seen the commercials there is a scene where a character says "You complete me" and then iron may leaps away...not in the movie.

Iron man was ok, I wasn't bowled over. It felt like a retread of the first one, but that's just me.

So why is IRON man 2 features so prominently in a blog about a gnome in warcraft....because I don't raid on Thursdays anymore. I went out to the movies. The guild calls it plumbing night, and I call it date night. They're ok with it, it saves my sanity and we're all a little bit happier. Of course, I have this weird sense that I need to login and check on them, but when I get home the guild is intact, and nothing major has happened....blah :)

Rhiadana: Alts ahoy

Well, I didn't get much done over the weekend as faras Rhia goes.. just ran the one heroic a day for the Frost emblems.

Finished out the Argent Tournament run and got the Pony Bridle so I can repair , get mail, and sell crap once every 4 hours. Woot?

No, most of Sunday was spent waiting for a 2:00 pm weekly raid to Eye of the Storm which never materialised, and then ICC 10 run in the evening. Both these on my Druid.

Don't know what was up in the ICC run. We only had 6 confirmed sign-ups, then waited over an hour to fill the raid. Then For some reason, Festergut proved impossible. I can only say WTF?! We've done both Fester and Rotface a couple of times before and we were banging on the Prof less than a week ago.


Quite an interesting day today. Decided to go Heroic Farming for a couple of bits to try and get rid of some ilevel 200 pieces.

Oh, and I also managed to hit the first 60 frosties and got the T10 shoulders. Gloves next, and then maybe we might see some ICC runs for the rep tailoring items.... maybe?

DPS is coming along nicely.. Skada is telling me I'm had a max of just over 5k (nice string of crits, both Conflag and Incinerate), averaging, once can get a couple of rotations in, around 4500 to 4800.
For some reason, Recount seems to read low, whilst Skada broadly agrees with Carbonite's DPS meter.

Considering a week or so ago I'd be lucky to see 2.5k, I'm well pleased.

ICC-10 rep run anyone ?

Rhiadana: Maybe even a bit dangerous?

So, until I can find a raid spot, it's just the regular ol' daily heroics for frost emblems.

Managed an average according to Recount, of just on 4k overall, that's improved a lot.

I'm hoping that my guild might pick up an idea I had.
Lots of raiders have alts.
We do this to keep from going insane caused by playing the same character all the time.

I thought that if all our 10-man group have alts, why not take all the alts raiding?

healers can run their DPS, Tanks can run their DPS, DPS can run their.... oh dear.

I'm sure you've seen the problem. DPS is.. fun. It's not too stressful (try healing a 5-man undergeared group some time, where they all think they're Rambo).
Your general DPS character is less than likely to roll, say, a healer than a healer is to roll a DPS as an alt.

The Lawn Ornament returns....

Yeah...I think until the admins of the site decide my brand of wackiness isn't needed anymore I'll be blogging....

So the guild is the guild. Different guild members came to me and basically said they were grumpy about the tank leaving, pissed he used our raid ID, but they didn't want anything to change progression or not....We feel like a family and they like it like that.

It took me about a week to "be ok". We didn't raid Sunday night and I worked on my tree, more on that later.

So strangely people are still applying although my interview questions are much more about we are a social raiding guild will you be ok with that? Can you live with the idea of not downing Arthas? IS playing with people you like > progression.

I refuse to go through what I went through again if I can avoid it.


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