Enchanting Gold Guide

Enchanters used to profit from disenchanting items and selling the infinite dusts, essences, dream shards and abyss crystal. This was the time before the auto-disenchant was allowed inside random dungeon. After that was implemented, everyone was overflowing with enchanting materials. The auction house couldn’t even handle all the dusts anymore. There are just too many dusts lying around its price dropped down to live up to its name – dust!

enchanting gold guide

And so, enchanters now spam the trade channel hoping someone needs enchanting at the moment. And after spamming the trade channel for around 20 minutes, enchanters successfully get a customer and get a 5 gold tip. Great! It’ll only take 20,000 minutes to finally get 5,000 gold for that epic flying skill, right?

There are times that players need an enchantment and there are no enchanters available, probably because the enchanters decide to get a more profitable profession like inscription or jewelcrafting. What these players do is (hopefully you guessed right), search the auction house for the enchantment! Yes sir, players buy these to enchant their gear!

enchanting gold guide

There are too many competitions in professions like inscription and jewelcrafting already because gold guides proclaim these are the fastest way to earn tons of gold. In the field of scroll enchantments however, there aren’t a lot.

enchanting gold guide

The enchanting business, however, requires some practice before realizing what enchantments sell the most. In my server, at least, the enchantment scrolls that aren’t colored blue sell faster than the blue ones. But if you get to sell the blue enchantments, the profit is bigger.

enchanting gold guide

This Enchanting Spreadsheet can help you determine how much you will profit from selling enchanting scrolls. Only change the values highlighted in yellow. Take note that you will need to purchase Armor Vellum III or Weapon Vellum III and put your enchantments there before you can put it in the auction house. To do this, open up your enchanting tradeskill window, click on enchant and click on either the Armor Vellum III or the Weapon Vellum III and the scroll of enchantment will appear in your bag.

I do not use Quick Auctions 3 to post these scrolls of enchantment because the cost of each scroll varies greatly. This is why I use a spreadsheet to determine up to how much I can price an enchantment.


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wow! I didn't know that.

wow! I didn't know that. Great tip there Phoenix! That technique can also be used by those leveling and leveling their enchanting at the same time. They can get extra gold while they level :)

I also found that when

I also found that when leveling enchanting to use scrolls instead of just enchanting the same item over and over. I was surprised by how many of them sold. There just aren't that many enchants available for low level characters so they get snatched up quickly.
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