Enchanting Gold Guide (Updated for Cataclysm)

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Enchanting is one of the professions that can make you tons of gold. The problem with enchanting is it can be quite complicated for a newbie. Unlike other professions that just require you to craft things, enchanting can also disenchant, enchant, and sell enchant scrolls. Here's a simplified way of how to earn using enchanting.

Before anything else, download this enchanting spreadsheet for cataclysm. This will help a lot to determine if you're going to profit from crafting enchant scrolls. When you open the spreadsheet, only change the values in yellow highlight. This spreadsheet will automatically calculate how much you can profit by subtracting how much the enchant scrolls sell for in the Auction House from the cost buying raw materials at a certain price and .

Also, we're going to use Tradeskill Master. If you have no idea what this addon is, please refer to the basics of Tradeskill Master.

Of course enchanting can profit from disenchanting green/blue items when bought cheap. But to be honest, there aren't alot of these available. This will not be enchanting's cash cow. It is only good for extra income. It is also not typing "Enchanting LFW" in the trade channel. You can get some customers but as you know, they tip like they gave no tip at all. The cash cow of enchanting is by selling enchanting scrolls in the auction house. Yes ladies and gents, some players are so lazy to find enchanters in trade channel and they rather just search the auction house for the enchantment.

How to Put Enchantment Into Scrolls

Open up your enchanting profession window. Instead of enchanting and clicking gear to put the enchantment, click on the enchanting vellum in your bags. You can by enchanting vellum for 8 silver per piece from the enchanting supplies in your city.

The enchant scrolls appear in your bags. These enchant scrolls can now be placed in the Auction House.

Complete all Enchanting Recipes

It's a good idea to get all enchanting recipes. Even if you reached 525 skill in enchanting, you won't have every enchanting recipes yet and this might affect your profits. Getting all recipes gets you ready to craft which enchantment sells high for the day.

Below are enchanting recipes that are bought.

You can buy it from Agatian Fallanos (Horde)

or Senthii (Alliance)

1. Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
2. Enchant Boots - Lavawalker - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
3. Enchant Bracer - Greater Critical Strike - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
4. Enchant Bracer - Greater Speed - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
5. Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
6. Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
7. Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
8. Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
9. Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength - Costs 5 Heavenly Shards
10. Enchant Weapon - Landslide - Costs 5 Maelstrom Crystal
11. Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent - Costs 5 Maelstrom Crystal
12. Enchant Weapon - Windwalk - Costs 5 Maelstrom Crystal

Using Tradeskill Master

Open up your Tradeskill Master addon by clicking at the icon at the minimap or just typing /tsm. Click on the colorfull button on the right side named "Crafting Options". Change the "Get Mat Prices From" to AuctionDB - Minimum Buyout. Also change "Get Craft Prices From" to AuctionDB - Minimum Buyout. Tradeskill Master will then calculate how much you can profit by checking the AH for the lowest priced mats and the lowest priced crafted items. If you do not like to sell the crafted items at the lowest price, just use the enchanting spreadsheet provided above so you can see how much you can profit at the price you want to sell it.

Now, it's time to let Tradeskill Master scan the AH. Talk the Auction House guy and click on the TSM button at the top right. A window will appear on the side. Click on AuctionDB - Run Scan button from one the icons on the right. Select Enchanting and click Run Regular Scan.

Next, we will be configuring tradeskill master to only calculate cataclysm enchants. One reason I do this is some lower enchants could give you 100g+ of profit based on Tradeskill Master calculations. However, no one really buys these low level enchantments. There's just some guy who probably was leveling enchanting and decided to put a low level enchant in the AH for a ridiculous price.

Open up Tradeskill Master again by typing /tsm or by clicking at the icon at the minimap. Open up Enchanting (icon at the upper left). Do this for all categories under "crafts". Click on "Disable All Crafts" and this will uncheck all the items underneath. Only look for the cataclysm enchants and click on them to put a check on the left. TIP: A cataclysm enchant has "Requires a level 300 or higher item". Mouseover each and every enchant in the list to check if it has this sentence. If it doesn't, don't put a check on it. Also, cataclysm enchants don't start with "Scroll of..." , They start with "Enchant ____".

Next, Open up your enchanting profession window and click on the TradeskillMaster_Crafting button at the top. This window will appear:

Now, all you can see are cataclysm enchants and you can immediately see how much you can profit from it by buying mats NOW, crafting them and selling them NOW. By clicking on the enchants, tradeskillmaster will add that to your crafting queue window. In the picture above, I want to craft Enchant Cloak - Intellect, Enchant Bracer - Dodge, and Enchant Chest - Mighty Health. On the window at the bottom, it says how many materials I need and how many I already have in my bags. Don't forget to buy the enchanting vellum from the vendor and not from the AH!

If you need to get more mats from the AH, you can do it manually by searching and buyoung the cheapest ones OR you could also use TradeskillMaster Shopping. Talk the AH guy, click the TSM button, and click on Shopping - Crafting Mats. It will automatically detect what items you need based on your craft queue.

TradeskillMaster will automatically search in the AH for the mats that you need and open up an option if you want to buy the mats.

Now that you have all the mats,  just click "Craft Next" and it will automatically place the enchant in the enchanting vellum.

Grouping your enchantments for auto-posting and canceling

This one's a bit tedious but you only have to do it once. After you've set everything up, you can automatically post your enchant scrolls by just a click. Create a Category called Enchanting. Next, add group and use the name of the enchant scroll. We will create a separate group for each enchant scroll because each of them costs differently and therefore, should be priced differently.

Click on the Enchanting Category, and click Add/Remove Groups. Select the name of the enchant scroll and click add. This will add the scroll under the category of enchanting. This is just to organize and not to make your tradeskillmaster a mess, especially if you have several professions.

Click on the name of the enchant scroll and there will be settings on the right side. The only important part to set is the Minimum Price Settings and the Fallback Price. The minimum price is the lowest price you are willing to sell the enchant scroll. The Fallback price is the price to set if no one else is posting that item or someone else's price is too high.

Click on the Add/Remove items and find the enchant scroll. Add it to the group and you're all set.

Talk to the AH guy and click on Auctioning-Post. Tradeskill Master will detect that you have a setting for an enchant scroll. Click on "Post Auction" to post it in the AH. After some time, you can check if someone undercuts you by clicking "Auctioning - Cancel all" button on the right side.

Happy gold making!