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Gearing Your Cat, Dungeon Style

Now it all boils down to this. Next to raiding, acquiring gears is most likely the reason why you’re religiously playing World of Warcraft from day ‘til night. The fun of getting some new equipment for your Feral Druid after a long and tough battle with the game’s most vile villains rivals that of the fun of fighting for them. Now that you’ve reached level cap, unless you’re doing the Battered Hilt quest, gears you receive from quests are no longer valuable. In fact, they’re just good for the gold they’re worth once you sell them to a vendor. Yep, even that item you get by bombing countless undead forces won’t cut it anymore against Northrend’s most vicious fellows.

So where are we gonna get our gears at this point? Well worry and wonder no more my feline friend. The best ones available at the moment are either bought from Emblem Quartermasters in Dalaran, Argent Tournament Grounds, and Ice Crown Citadel; or boss drops from the expansion’s toughest raid instances like Trial of the Crusader, Vault of Archavon, Ruby Sanctum and Ice Crown Citadel. Don’t make anyone laugh because you’re not ready for these yet. If you’re still fresh off from your level 80 ding, then you’ve still got a long way to go before you can get them. You’ve got to work your way from the bottom of the food chain, and that’s where Heroic Dungeons come in.

Heroic Dungeons give the cat druid a chance to get geared to prepare them for the easier raids such as Naxxramas, Ulduar, and Vault of Archavon. Knowing what drops from which boss won’t let you second guess what’s coming, that’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best gears from each Heroic dungeon instance for your melee DPS druid.

The Nexus

Slot                                                            Item                                         Boss

Shoulders                                    Spaulders of the Careless Thief       Grand Magus Telestra

Chest                                                 Crystal-Infused Tunic               Keristrasza
Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood      Keristrasza


Utgarde Keep

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Wrists                                              Bindings of the Tunneler              Skarvald the Constructor
Waist                                             Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt           Ingvar the Plunderer

Two Hand                                          Enraged Feral Staff                   Ingvar the Plunderer

Two Hand                                          Enraged Feral Staff                   Ingvar the Plunderer


Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Chest                                             Custodian's Chestpiece                Krik'thir the Gatewatcher

Treasure Seeker's Belt                 Trash Mobs

Finger                                          Stained-Glass Shard Ring               Trash Mobs


Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Shoulder                                       Sprinting Shoulderpads                 Elder Nadox

Legs                                       Legguards of Swarming Attacks         Amanitar

Drak'Tharon Keep 

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Waist                                                 Batrider's Cord                                Trollgore

Trinket                                              Incisor Fragment                               King Dred

Violet Hold

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Legs                                             Chain Gang Legguards                   Trash Mobs

Head                                              Shroud of Darkness                     Zuramat the Obliterator

Neck                                        Necklace of Arcane Spheres             Xevozz

Back                                           Cloak of the Gushing Wound          Xevozz

Two Hand                                         Staff of Trickery                      Cyanigosa


Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Head                                             Helm of Cheated Fate                 Drakarri Colossus/Elemental

Feet                                           Gorloc Muddy Footwraps              Eck

Legs                                             Gored Hide Legguards                 Gal’Darah

Finger                                             Hemorrhaging Circle                  Gal’Darah        

Halls of Stone

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Feet                                             Boots of Whirling Mist              Sjonnir the Ironshaper


Halls of Lightning

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Back                                          Shroud of Reverberation                   Volkhan

Feet                                                  Slag Footguards                         Volkhan

Hand                                              Charged Bolt Grips                       Ionar

Shoulders                               Advanced Tooled-Leather Bands          Loken


Utgarde Pinnacle

Slot                                                           Item                                                 Boss

Legs                                 Ravenous Leggings of the Furbolg                   Gortok Palehoof

Hand                                    Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets                      King Ymiron

Trinket                                       Meteorite Whetstone                             King Ymiron


The Oculus

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss

Wrist                                     Drake-Champion’s Bracers                 Trash Mobs

Head                                          Mask of the Watcher                      Ley-Guardian Eregos


The Culling of Stratholme

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss


Wrist                                            King’s Square Bracers                   Trash Mobs

Hands                                             Bile-Cured Gloves                      Meathook

Ring                                                    Mobius Band                          Chrono-Lord Epoch


Trial of the Champions

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss


Feet                                           Treads of Dismal Fortune             Faction Grand Champions

Wrist                                       Armbands of Wary Lookout           Eadric the Pure/Confessor

Neck                                       Ancient Pendant of Arathor             Eadric the Pure/Confessor

Head                                         Mask of Distant Memory              The Black Knight


The Forge of Souls

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss


Head                                        Frayed Scoundrel’s Cap                        Devourer of Souls

Trinket                                    Needle-Encrusted Scorpion                    Devourer of Souls


Pit of Saron

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss


Neck                                         Barbed Ymirheim Choker                       Forgemaster Gargrost

Wrist                                       Chewed Leather Wristguards                     Krick and Ick

Finger                                           Band of Stained Souls                          Scourgelord Tyrannus

Legs                                                Fleshwerk Leggings                           Scourgelord Tyrannus


Halls of Reflection

Slot                                                           Item                                          Boss


Shoulder                                    Spaulders of Black Betrayal                        Falric

Chest                                               Choking Hauberk                                Marwyn

Two Hand                               Orca-Hunter's Harpoon                               Marwyn

Feet                                           Blighted Leather Footpads                        Lich King chase

Remember that there are certain heroic dungeons that cannot be entered unless you’ve met the required gear level. Instances like Trial of the Champions and the 3 Ice Crown Citadel dungeons: Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection; require a certain amount of gear level to enter progressively. By farming the other heroic instances, combined with several gears you can purchase from Emblem Quartermasters will give you enough gear level to enter them.


Now as you progress throughout the whole dungeon mumbo-jumbo, you may have noticed you’ve been receiving emblems either after each boss fight or by queuing for a  Random Heroic Dungeon. These emblems are the Emblem of Triumph and Emblem of Frost. Emblems of Triumph are used to purchase great gears from Quartermasters in Dalaran and event your Tier 9 set at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Ice Crown. Farming for the best gears in Heroic Dungeons and purchasing a couple of good gears from Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster gears you up for Wrath of the Lich King’s harder instances like Trial of the Crusader and probably the first wing of Ice Crown Citadel.

Emblems of Frost on the other hand allow you to purchase the best gears available in the market, including the game’s currently strongest gear set, the Tier 10 set. But make no mistake; these Emblems are HARD to farm! You’ll only be able to get 2 pieces a day from your first Random Heroic Dungeon of the day. Other sources of Emblems of Frost are from the weekly quest provided by the Violet Citadel where you need to kill a certain boss in one of Northrend’s raid instances; bosses from Ruby Sanctum, Toravon from Vault of Archavon, and all bosses from Ice Crown Citadel.

Unlike some other classes, Druids have 3 sets of Tier 9 or Tier 10, each specializing in either Spell Casting, Healing, and Tanking/Melee DPS. As a Feral Cat Druid, for the T9, the Battlegear set provides the right stat upgrade that will greatly increase your DPS. For the T10, the Battlegear set of the Lasherweave family is for you.

Having an appropriate number of T9 or T10 gears provide you with awesome bonuses that will increase your combat capabilities and DPS. So make sure you find the right combination of Headgears, Gloves, Chestguard, Shoulders, and Legging that will give your druid the best possible DPS it can lash out!


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