Feline Fury: Feral Cat Druid Level 80 Starter Kit - Page 4

Gems, Enchants and Stats for the DPS Kitty Cat

After getting all the gears you need to kick start your career as a raider, our next item on the list is gemming and enchanting them. Nothing reads ‘newbie’ all over like a toon who leaves epic gear ungemmed or unenchanted. What’s probably worse is using gems and enchants with stats that you don’t even need in the first place. So as a DPS cat, it will be your duty to gem and enchant the best possible options for your gear. You must know the stats that will catapult your way to the DPS charts. Thank mother-earth, we’ve got time to discuss them!

Agility: Probably the best stat you can stack on as a Feral Druid cat. Not only does it improve your Attack Power, but it also buffs up your critical strike rating, something you’d want to build up those combo points fast! Agility also improves armor and dodge rating, so whenever you accidentally grab aggro, you’ll have a better chance of surviving that 1 second assault by Lord Jaraxxus.

Armor Penetration:  This stat is a little complicated to consider. Though very important due to its ability to ignore a certain percentage of an enemy’s armor rating, initially stacking agility can give you more DPS than stacking ArmPen. The only time you should consider gemming this is when your gears can passively provide the ArmPen soft cap as the stat can rival and even outDPS agility. If you’re a melee DPS or a Marksman hunter before,  you know what I’m talking about. But if it’s your first time, then better stack on Agility instead.

Strength: Well it does improve Attack Power. But that’s just about it. Agility still wins over this stat for Cat Druids.

Critical Strike Rating – 2nd to Agility and ArmPen (in certain situations), this stat improves the chances you will land critical strikes often.  More Critical Strikes, more combo points. More combo points = win.

Hit Rating – Increases your chance to hit enemies above your level (bosses in raids are usually level 85). If in the occasion your gears don’t provide enough Hit rating and you constantly miss attacks on enemies, gemming or enchanting for these would be a good idea.

Haste Rating – This stat can also be considered when gemming. This stat decreases the global cooldown of your abilities, thus allowing you to attack faster. But there’s a soft cap that when you stack on Haste Rating beyond it, the stat will be useless.


Now let’s move on with gemming. There are a total of 8 gems available in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. These are Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Meta, and Prismatic.

As a Feral Cat Druid and a melee DPS dealer, plus the explanations I’ve mentioned before this section, the most efficient gems to stack on are the reds, oranges, and purples. Meta and Prismatic gems are already a given as they can only be gemmed once.

The gems that I will recommend below are of epic quality that are available on AH or your local JewelCrafter. These gems are the most expensive ones in the market and are best stacked on high level epic gears such as the level 232s, 251s, 264s, and so on. Should you need to gem lower level items, I recommend you Druids use cheaper alternatives. You are going to replace them sooner or later anyways. It’s best to save some gold for the best things in life. Here we go!

Red: Delicate Scarlet Ruby and  Fractured Scarlet Ruby

Depending if you’ve met the requirements to gem for Armor Penetration, stacking on either of these two will greatly increase your DPS output. The cheaper versions of these are the Delicate Scarlet Ruby and Fractured Scarlet Ruby which usually costs 1/3 of the Cardinal ruby versions on AH.

Orange: Orange can be socketed in Yellow jewel slots and are counted in your Metagem requirements.Deadly Ametrine is your best choice while Deft Ametrine or Glinting Ametrine are great alternatives should you feel that you lack Hit or Haste Rating. For cheaper alternatives, use  Deadly Monarch Topaz , Deft Monarch Topaz and Glinting Monarch Topaz.

Purple: Shifting Dreadstone

After socketing your prismatic gem in a blue slot, Shifting Dreadstone is the only blue gem you’d want that can help your Cat Druid’s DPS. The cheaper version of this is the Shifting Twilight Opal.

PrismaticNightmare Tear

The +10 bonus for all stats is always nice to have around.

Meta Gem: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond or Chaotic Skyflare Diamond

Both can help increase your Cat Druid’s DPS. Choosing which one will all boil down on which stat would benefit you more. Agility or Critical Strike Rating.

Enchanting equipment is just as simple as gemming. If you’ve been a Hunter or a Rogue before, then you’ll realize that some of the enchants here are familiar. That’s because basically there are only a few enchant options for ever stat. Enchants vary not by color but rather by Slot item. Plus some enchants are only available through faction quartermasters, not through Enchanters or Auction Houses, so better build up some reputation in Northrend because you’re going to need it!

Here are enchants what many Feral Druids such as yourself usually use when giving their gears a boost.

Head: The only Head enchantment available for the Feral Druids is the  Arcanum of Torment, which is sold by the Knights of the Ebon Blade Quartermaster. You are required to be Exalted first before you can purchase such enchantment, but Knights of the Ebon Blade are generous enough to give you enough quests to build up your rating fast.

Shoulders: Just like your headgear, shoulder enchants are only acquired through a faction Quartermaster to whom you are exalted to. The Sons of Hodir in Stormpeaks can provide you with the  Lesser Axe of Inscription or Greater Axe of Inscription. These enchants can boost your Attack Power and Critical Strike Rating.

Chest:  Powerful Stats and Super Stats give you that all around stat increase you need. These enchants can be purchased at the AH or through and Enchanter.

Bracers: Striking and Greater Assault are great choices depending on the size of your budget. These can increase your Attack Power efficiently.

Gloves: Major Agility increases your Agility by 20 points while Crusher adds 44 points to your Attack Power.

Legs: Icescale Leg Armor  is an amazing enchant that gives you +75 Attack Power and +22 Critical Strike Rating. Nerubian Leg Armor is a cheap option that gives you +50 Attack Power and +15 Crit Strike Rating.

Boots: Greater Assault provides the extra kick for the Druids as it gives +32 Attack Power.  Superior Agility  is also a good choice for you as it gives +16 Agility.

Weapon:  Mongoose is generally the best choice for your weapon as it permanently buffs your druid’s agility and increases your attack speed.  Berserking and Massacre are great choices too. Berserker procs almost 25-30% of the time, so if you’re more of a ‘mega buff in a short period of time’ type of druid, then this one is for you.



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