Feline Fury: Feral Cat Druid Level 80 Starter Kit - Page 5

Feral Feline Druid Raiding 101: Mingle and Mangle 

So this is it. This is where your hard work and patience will finally pay off. After going through Northrend’s toughest dungeons in search of equipments, you are now presented the task of facing off with Wrath of the Lich King’s greatest, most vile deathbringers. This is raiding, the final destination of every Alliance and Horde champions.

Feral Cat Druids main task in a group is melee DPS. But being the nature-loving, tree-hugging, life valuing Druid that you are, you have a couple more tricks up your sleeves that makes your class a must have in every raid over other classes that perform mDPS.

Gift of the Wild is probably the best overall buff a raid can have besides a Pally’s all mighty Blessings of Kings. The Gift gives the raid major stat boosts and elemental immunities that will definitely have raid members thanking you all over.

Druids also have the ablity to use Battle Resurrection. Battle Resurrection is like a Warlock’s soul stone where a raid member can be brought back to life should they die prematurely during combat. Getting a dead member back up to its feet will be vital if your encounter will be a DPS race where all members should stay alive. Be careful though because the Druid’s battle rez has a 10 minute cooldown. A boss encounter usually doesn’t last that long because of an Enrage timer, especially in ICC; so being wise about using your Battle Rez is vital. Usually a tank, a healer, or the highest DPS dealer are the priorities in casting rez.

Now let’s get on with melee DPS. As a Feline Druid, having the highest DPS output over other classes on the same playing field is easy. All you have to remember are two things: Combo Points and Bleed. Stacking combo points as quickly as you can opens windows to more deadly abilities, so spam your Rakes and Shreds as much as you can. Keeping your Bleeds up all the time are just as important as keeping your Combo Points up. DOTs give you a passive DPS boost as you pummel your enemies with your melee attacks.

When it comes to positioning, staying behind the boss not only allows you to use some of your powerful abilities, but they also keep you away from an enemy’s frontal cone attack path such as Cleave. Doing so will make your healers’ job a lot easier and leaves all the hard hitting damage to your tank. The tank generally faces the boss away from the raid once he gets agro, but in case your tank is a newbie, then you better remind him even before the fight starts!


No doubt whenever you’re in a raid group, there’s always a druid around whether it’s a tank, a healer, or DPS. It cannot be denied that having a druid in the group can increase your chances that a raid wipe won’t happen. As a Feral Cat Druid, being very geared and having the ability to dish out top quality DPS can rectify your importance in a group. There are only a few Feral Cat Druids around for the taking, so when the time comes that you see a raid leader recruiting for members, make sure you can represent our class to the best of your abilities. The wild grows restless, you must answer its call!


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