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There are only a few ways in earning gold from tailoring. The good news is, there’s not a lot of tailors around so competition is really low. Everyone’s getting big professions like Jewelcrafting, Blacksmith, Inscription, etc., that are known to make a ton of money, leaving professions like tailoring ignored.

Before discussing what items you need to sell to profit a lot of gold from tailoring, here are addons that will make your life easier: Auctionator and LilSparky’s Workshop.

Auctionator will help you buy all the materials needed to craft your items.
tailoring gold guide

When you talk to the auctioneer guy, click on the “Buy” tab underneath and you will see a window similar to the picture above. You will be able to make a shopping list for the raw materials you need. This saves you time from typing. Also, you can easily buy multiple stacks using Auctionator. For instance, I will buy on the 2 stacks of 20 Iceweb Spider Silk. Auctionator will ask me if I want to buy the 2 stacks or just 1 stack. Finally, don’t forget to press the button “Full Scan” right on the upper right hand corner. This will gather all data in the auction house that LilSparky can use later on.

LilSparky’s Workshop (LSW) does is it displays pricing information right in your toolbar. So make sure you just did a full scan using auctionator for the prices to be accurate for the day.
tailoring gold guide

When you open up your tradeskill window, you will see numbers on the right side. On the left column is the price of the item in the auction house. The right column is the price of the materials. For this example, Brilliant Spellthread sells at 250g currently at the auction house and only costs 154 gold to make if you buy all materials from the auction house.

Now that you understand all the addons needed, here are the hot selling items:

1. Spellthreads
Brilliant Spellthreads and Sapphire Spellthreads are used by casters. Sapphire spellthreads are mostly used by caster PvPers because of the additional stamina it gives. Nevertheless, both gets bought out anyway and there’s not a lot of competition in this market. Make sure to watch out for the Iceweb Spider Silk because sometimes they run out in the auction house. If you find the price of Iceweb Spider Silk really cheap, buy them out right away. But don’t buy them all out to the point that the highest price becomes around 10g a piece. Leave some cheap once behind so farmers will undercut the cheapest price, making Iceweb Spider Silk still affordable.
tailoring gold guide
If you want to farm for Iceweb Spider Silk, the best place to get them is the cave above K3 in Storm Peaks

2. Netherweave Bags

These bags are commonly bought by alts and they are bought by a lot of alts! Few tailors craft these bags thinking they won’t be selling anymore since WOTLK .The truth is, these even get bought a lot more than frostweave bags.

It’s easy to remember how you will profit from selling netherweave bags. One stack of netherweave cloth plus one rune thread makes a netherweave bag. Take a look at how much a stack of netherweave cloth is selling and check out how much a netherweave bag is selling and count how much profit you can make.

tailoring gold guide

Do not rely on LilSparky’s workshop to count your profit because it uses the price of bolt of netherweave, not netherweave cloth. Also, it also counts Rune Thread that’s currently listed in the auction house. In this example, the Rune Thread is 7.57 gold but you can really buy it from the vendor for 42.50 silver.

tailoring gold guide

The tricky part here is finding cheap netherweave cloth. There isn’t a lot of cheap netherweave cloth around because they get bought out by other tailors (for making bags and for leveling tailoring). Always check out the auction house for cheap netherweave cloths.

3. Spellweave, Ebonweave, Moonshroud

These special cloths are used to craft cloth epics like Deathfrost Boots. The cooldown was removed from making these special cloths which made a huge price drop. In order to profit from these, craft the ones that you specialize in (e.g. Shadoweave tailors make 2 Ebonweave Cloths at the price of one set of materials). Check out this Spellweave, Ebonweave and Moonshroud Spreadsheet to see how much you can earn from making these cloths.

4. Herbalism Bags

Emerald Bag, a 32-slot herbalism bag is commonly bought by farmers who circle around Sholazar Basin all day and sell them at the end of the night. These bags do not sell as fast as netherweave bags, but if you get to sell some, you get a lot of profit.

tailoring gold guide

Pattern: Emerald Bag can be bought from Sairuk, Kalu’ak Quartermaster. It takes 4 Moonshroud and 6 Frost Lotus to make this bag. Your profits would increase if you are a Mooncloth specialist but don’t get discouraged if you’re not. You can ask a friend who’s a Mooncloth specialist to craft these for you. Also, if there are cheap cloths in the Auction House, you can buy them out.

tailoring gold guide

For the Frost Lotus, check out which one is cheaper first in the Auction House: Frozen Orb or Frost Lotus. It is possible to trade your Frozen Orb for a Frost Lotus through Frozo the Renowned in Dalaran.

5. Epics
tailoring gold guide

If you’re a raider and have access to buy the latest tailoring recipes, you might want to consider crafting epics and selling them in the Auction House or the Trade Channel. Use WoWhead to help you determine the highest item level that you can craft with tailoring: Go to Database > Browse > Professions & Skills > Tailoring and then when the page loads, click on the Skill tab. This will bring out the highest ilevel items that you can craft.

tailoring gold guide

These epics do not sell fast like pancakes but they do get sold especially for those players that do not have the time to raid and get their gearscore up.


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