Hunter's Guide to Dragon Soul Raiding: Madness of Deathwing

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This is it. You've put a dent on Deathwing's seemingly impenetrable armor, now it's time to hit him where it hurts the most, his unprotected, sort of disgusting, corrupted dragon body. You're almost at the finish line but things aren't gonna be easy, no. Deathwing's just begun to fight! With all of his forces dwindling and all of his plans failing, the Aspect of Death is set to finish everything what he has started by himself, by using the Cataclysm.
Are us Hunters gonna let the vile Deathwing have his way? Hell no! That's why we've created this final Dragon Soul raid guide for the gun/arrow slingers to read and kick some Cataclysm butt! As a preview, the entire fight is practically a survival (not the spec) encounter, where raid members should prioritize staying alive over giving top-notch DPS (we're not saying though you should slack around and do nothing!). Hit the break and let's get it on!

Before we talk strat, let's take a peek at Deathwing's abilities. Be warned though, it's gonna be a long list. The fight isn't called the Madness (or unpopularly called as Addness) of Deathwing for nothing! In addition, we'll be talking about the buffs and abilities the Dragon Aspects will give you during the fight.
Stage One: The Final Assault
Deathwing assaults his enemies as long as he is attached to the platforms by his 
twisted limbs.
Assault Aspect  — Deathwing searches for his next enemy to assault. Deathwing assaults the platform with the largest number of players and an attached limb.
Cataclysm  — Deathwing attempts to finish the job he started by bringing forth a second Cataclysm, inflicting 1,500,000 Fire damage to all players.
Elementium Bolt — Deathwing creates an Elementium Bolt, sending it to the target platform.
Elementium Blast — If the Elementium Bolt reaches its destination, the bolt inflicts 390,000 Fire damage to all players and an additional 390,000 Fire damage every 5.20 sec until players destroy the Elementium Bolt. The initial damage decreases the further the player stands from the targeted location.
Corrupting Parasite  — A Corrupting Parasite inflicts increasing Shadow damage 
periodically. When Corrupting Parasite's duration ends, the parasite detaches from the player and causes a Parasitic Backlash. This inflicts 250,000 Fire damage to players within 10 yards of the host.
Corrupting Parasite  — After the Corrupting Parasite's duration ends, the parasite 
detaches from the host.
Unstable Corruption  — The Corrupting Parasite casts Unstable Corruption, inflicting 10% of the Corrupted Parasite's health as Fire damage to all enemies.
Hemorrhage — Deathwing's tentacle begins to Hemorrhage, creating several Regenerative Blood at a nearby location.
Regenerative Blood — The Regenerative Blood of Deathwing forms. Regenerative Bloods gain ten energy every 1 sec. The melee attacks of a Regenerative Blood also cause Degenerative Bite.
Regenerative — A Regenerative Blood heals to full health when it reaches maximum 
energy. In Looking for Raid Difficulty, Regenerative Blood heals 50% of max health when it reaches maximum energy.
Degenerative Bite — Melee attacks cause Degenerative Bite, inflicting 1500 Shadow 
damage every 1 sec for 10 sec. This effect stacks.
Limb Tentacle — Deathwing grasps onto each platform with one of his limbs.
Burning Blood — The Burning Blood gushes from the Tentacle, inflicting Fire damage 
every 2 sec. The damage increases the as the Limb Tentacle's health lowers.
Blistering Tentacle — At 75%, 50%, and 25% remaining health the Limb Tentacle sprouts several Blistering Tentacles that are immune to Area of Effect abilities.
Blistering Heat — The Blistering Heat inflicts 2500 Fire damage every 2 sec, and 
increases its damage by 5% for 3 sec. This effect stacks.
Agonizing Pain — The pain from severing Deathwing's limb interrupts his concentration, stunning him and inflicting 20% of his health in damage.
Mutated Corruption — A Mutated Corruption appears shortly after assaulting a platform.
Crush — The crushing weight of the Mutated Corruption inflicts 100,000 Physical damage to enemies in a cone in front of the Corruption.
Impale — The Mutated Corruption impales it's target, inflicting 400,000 Physical 
damage to the target.
Stage Two: The Last Stand
At 20% remaining health, Deathwing falls forward onto the platform.
Congealing Blood  — Deathwing begings to Hemorrhage, creating several Regenerative 
Blood at a nearby location. The Blood then moves towards Deathwing.
Congealing Blood   — If a Congealing Blood reaches Deathwing, it heals him for 1% of his maximum health.
Elementium Fragment — Pieces of Deathwing's armor chip off, forming three Elementium Fragments nearby. Eight Elementium Fragments form in 25-player raids.
Shrapnel  — The Fragment fires a piece of Shrapnel at a random player, inflicting 
200,000 unresistable Physical damage.
Elementium Terror — Pieces of Deathwing's armor chip off, forming two Elementium 
Terrors nearby.
Tetanus  — The Elementium Terror's attacks cause Tetanus, inflicting 60,000
Physical damage and an additional 20,000 Physical damage every 1 sec. The 
effect stacks.
Corrupted Blood — Corrupted Blood gushes from Deathwing, inflicting Fire damage every 2 sec. The damage increases as Deathwing' health lowers. At 15%, 10%, and 5% remaining health, Deathwing hemorrages. This increases the damage dealt by Corrupted Blood.
See? Like we said, that's a hell of a lot of abilities. Good thing the Dragon Aspects are around to help! Here are their share of assists in the encounter?
Alexstrasza's Presence — The Presence of Alexstrasza increases the player's maximum health by 20%.
Cauterize — Alexstrasza Cauterizes the Blistering Tentacles, inflicting lethal damage over 10 sec. Cauterize also reduces the damage inflicted by Corrupted Blood.
Nozdormu's Presence — The Presence of Nozdormu increases the player's haste by 20%.
Time Zone — Nozdormu forms a Time Zone at the target location, causing the Elementium Meteor to lapse in time and decrease its travel speed dramatically upon entering the zone. Any enemy creatures within the Time Zone have their attack speed decreased by 50%.
Ysera's Presence — The Presence of Ysera increases player healing done by 20%.
Enter the Dream — The Presence of Ysera allows players to enter the Dream, decreasing damage taken by 50% for 2.50 sec.
Kalecgos' Presence — The Presence of Kalecgos increases player damage dealt by 20%.
Spellweaving — The Presence of Kalecgos allows attacks and abilities to cause 
Spellweaving. Spellweaving inflicts 20000 Arcane damage to enemies within 6 yards, 
excluding the current target.
Carrying Winds — The Carrying Winds take players between adjacent platforms, and 
increase their movement speed by 60% for 10 sec. This effect stacks.
Now we see the abilities, let's get down to strat. The entire encounter revolves around the idea of killing Deathwing's limbs in each of the four platforms available in the fight. Each of these platforms are also where each Dragon Aspect is stationed. Once the raid kills a limb on a Dragon Aspect's platform, the Dragon Aspect will remove all buffs granted to the raid and focus fires on Deathwing. So essentially, the raid will lose several critical buffs as the fight progresses; the strategy lies on which platform should the raid kill a limb successively so that the fight will be as easy as possible.
Here are where the Aspects are stationed according to platforms:
Leftmost platform: Alexstrasza's Platform
Middle-left platform: Nozdormu's Platform
Midle-right platform: Ysera's Platform
Rightmost platform: Kalecgos' Platform
To make things short, here's the preferred platform clearing order: Ysera > 
Nozdormu/Alexstrasza > Alexstrasza/Nozdormu > Kalecgos
That's pretty much covers the basics that will help you figure out how things work 
should you be a Raid Leader.
Now let's get on to the Hunter biz. In a nutshell, Hunters, or all DPS for that matter, should ALWAYS kill the adds first before nuking Deathwing's limb. With more adds on the table, the less chance you'll succeed in the fight.
In the platform jumping stage, while you DPS Deathwing's limb, a Mutating Corruption will spawn. Once you see this ginormous tentacle, DPS it immediately. However, make sure the raid is spread out around the platform so not everyone will be swooped by it. 
During this phase, Deathwing will also cast Elementium Bolts, a projectile NPC that will travel from Deathwing's limb towards a gold marked target. Once this bad dude spawns, DPS it as hard as you can. Failing to kill it before it reaches the gold mark will cause incredibly huge amounts of damage that could or will lead to a wipe. The good thing about this is Nozdormu's buff, Time Zone, slows down the Elementium Bolts, giving you more time to kill it. But once Nozdormu drops the buff to focus fire on Deathwing, make sure you pop your cooldowns so you can kill it fast. 
Another thing you should watch out for are Regenerative Bloods. These are less threatening than the other adds but nevertheless, you should bring them down fast. You can use your MultiShot or traps to AoE them down.
One last add you should be aware of is the Blistering Tentacles. These only spawn once Alexstrasza is no longer giving her buffs to the raid. These mini tentacles are immune to AoE and should be taken down individually. Use your standard rotations to each one but make sure the raid is focus firing on so you can down each tentacle fast.
Once you've taken care of all four platforms, it's time to finish Deathwing off for good! Deathwing's head will swoop down on one of the platforms and will attempt to finish Azeroth off as a final attack. During this phase, several adds will also spawn. 
The raid should kill the adds as quick as possible so they can focus fire on Deathwing. 
We don't advise to burn Deathwing even while adds are still up, because Deathwing's health is still pretty high despite his weakened state.
Once you're done with the adds, give Deathwing everything you've got and you're home free.
Congratulations, you have just saved Azeroth from complete destruction. Your hard work has paid off and now the world celebrates to your victory.