Hunter's Guide to End Time Dungeon: Murazond


You've conquered the ghost of Christmas past...err.. I mean the ghosts of Deathwing's Cataclysm; now it's time to face the lord of time himself as he unravels his true form and true intentions to the group that dares to rain on his parade. Enter the challenge of Murazond (aka Nozdormu's future self. That ought to clear up some lore loop holes... or open up some more!)

Of all the fights in the new dungeons given to us by patch 4.3, the fight against Murazond is the most unique (and that's a relative term). In a nutshell, it's practically a DPS race, but beyond that is an encounter that involves making the right decisions and right timing (well what did you expect from a fight against the Aspect of Time?). For a Hunter, simply pulling off a nice rotation may not be enough for the party as your ranged DPS and sheer cunning reflexes may spell victory or defeat in this fight.
Before we start, let's talk about the Murazond's abilities (many thanks to the people of for the infos!)
Temporal Blast — Murozond deals 25000 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and increases their Arcane damage taken by 10% for 20 sec..
Distortion Bomb — Murozond launches an orb of temporal energy at the location of a random player. When the orb reaches this location, it explodes and leaves an 8 yard radius area of temportal distortion. The distortion area inflicts 25000 Arcane damage every second to all enemies standing within the area.
Infinite Breath — Inflicts 75000 Fire damage to all enemies in front of the caster.
Okay, so apparently, just because he's the master of time itself doesn't mean he has a bajillion abilities under his wings. In this fight, Murazond only has three; but perhaps these three are enough to make him laugh at your faces should the party not deal with them effectively.
As you may have noticed while you're clearing the zone of unwanted mobs, there's a ginormous hour glass in the middle of the field. This hour glass is your key to surviving the fight. The object rewinds time up to the point when the party engages with Murazond.

The time rewind clears the party of any buffs, debuffs, and damage made during the encounter. The party will also return to their original positions when the fight started. The best part about this is anyone who's dead can be brought back to life once the hour glass has been activated, so it's pratically impossible to wipe unless Murazond kills everyone in one blow. 
Another thing good about the hour glass is it doesn't remove any damages done to Murazond, so basically yeah, he's been trolled. Better remember though that the hour glass has only 5 charges, meaning the party must kill Murazond before the hour glass has been fully used.
Okay, so when do I (the Hunter) come in this fight? Well, being a ranged DPS, you'll most likely be the one to click on the hour glass whenever necessary. As the tank faces the boss away from the party so you guys won't get hit by Infinite Breath, station yourself near (yeah, that's right, near and not next to it) the hour glass and close enough so you can land your attacks on Murazond. Throughout the encounter, Murazond will use Temporal Blast, which basically is a unavoidable attack.
What you have to worry about is his Distorion Bomb, an ability where he lands gold whirlpools on a random party member, damaging anyone standing on it. The reason why you have to be NEAR the hour glass and NOT right next to it is because of this ability. As much as possible, no Distortion Bombs should be around the hour glass so that you won't get damaged once you try to activate it.
Now that we've narrowed down on where you should stand, let's talk about when you should activate the hour glass. There are basically three things to remember when you're on hour glass duties:
1. Activate it when your tank dies
2. Activate it when your healer dies
3. Activate it when Distortion Bombs are everywhere.
As for your Aspect choice, the fight doesn't really involve a lot of running unless you're in the middle of all the Distortion Bombs. Aspect of the Hawk is your best bet here.
Once you've downed Murazond, give yourself a pat on the back, cause you've just finished the first dungeon instance in your road to the Dragon Soul raid!


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