Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

You've demolished Mor'chok into bits and boulders, you've also broiled and smeared butter on the lobster-like freakazoid, Zon'ozz, into main course. With all of Deathwing's forces desperately stopping you and your raid from ruining his plans of world destruction, the ex-Dragon Aspect sends his most vile Old God servant to ruin your momentum. Gear up Hunters, because it's gonna be a slimy fight with the squid-like creeper, Yor'sahj the Unsleeper. 
In a nutshell, the Yor'sahj encounter is an easy fight which involves killing a particular add to avoid a particular ability. Team work, communication, and a hella lot of healing and DPS is needed if the raid wants to survive and win this battle. Not listening to the raid leader may and will result in serious trouble.
Before we start, let's talk about Yor'sahj's abilities care of the awesome people of
Void Bolt — Soulflayer Yor'sahj blasts his primary target with dark energy, dealing 90000 Shadow damage and then 5000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. This effect stacks.
Call Blood of Shu'ma  — Yor'sahj the Unsleeping calls to the might of Shu'ma, summoning three differently colored globules of his blood. These globules path slowly towards Yor'sahj, infusing him with additional powers if they reach him.
Fusing Vapors — The blood globules emit a vapor when damaged below 50% health that heals all other active globules for 5% of their maximum life. When one globule dies, the surviving globules completely fuse and gain immunity to all forms of damage.
Glowing Globule — When a Glowing Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Glowing Blood of the Shu'ma.
Glowing Blood of Shu'ma — Yor'sahj's Void Bolt now hits all nearby targets for 36000 Shadow damage in additional to the primary target component, Yor'sahj uses his abilities twice as often, and his attack speed increases by 50%.
Cobalt Globule — When a Cobalt Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the ability to summon Mana Voids.
Mana Void — A Mana Void leeches all the mana from every ranged spell caster and healer, storing the mana within itself. Destroying the Mana Void evenly returns the total of the leeched mana via Mana Diffusion to players within 30 yards.
Crimson Globule — When a Crimson Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Searing Blood ability.
Searing Blood — Yor'sahj sears the blood of three random players, inflicting a base of 35000 Fire damage. The further the target stands from Yor'sahj, the greater shock received from the blast.
Dark Globule — When a Dark Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, the corruption of the blood seeps out into the Maw of Shu'ma. This vile corruption then periodically creates Forgotten Ones that attack the players.
Forgotten One — These creatures fixate on a random target.
Psychic Slice — The Forgotten One emits a wave of psychic force at its current target, dealing 35000 Shadow damage.
Acidic Globule — When an Acidic Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, the Maw of Shu'ma infuses with the acidic blood and stimulates further Digestive Acid production.
Digestive Acid — Digestive Acid periodically secrets from the stomach lining, inflicting 60000Nature damage to a player and nearby allies within 4 yards.
Shadowed Globule — When a Shadowed Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Deep Corruption ability.
Deep Corruption — Yor'sahj's Deep Corruption spreads to every player, causing every fifth healing or absorption effect cast on a player to trigger a violent detonation, inflicting 50000 Shadow damage to all players.
Yor'sahj only has one ability under his tentacles and that is Void Bolt. Being a ranged DPS, you really shouldn't concern yourself with this since it attacks its primary target (aka the tank). Around every 70 seconds, Yor'sahj will summon four random globules from each mound at the corners of the battlefield. The globules have different abilities and will be activated should it reach Yor'sahj.
The main goal here is to focus fire and kill ONLY ONE globule out of the four. It's impossible to kill all, even two, in the phase since the globules are granted immunity from attacks should one die. So whenever the raid leader calls on which globule the raid should focus fire on, if you don't wanna be kicked out from the team, you probably should follow.

Now say you became the raid leader since everyone else in the raid sucks at leading (go, Hunter!) It's essential to know what course of action needs to be implemented should the globules reach the boss:
Glowing/Yellow Globule: Move away from the boss since this globule grants him an AoE attack.
Cobalt Blue Globule: Attack the mana void that will spawn ASAP.
Crimson/Red Globule: Stack on the boss as close as you can, making sure you can still hit him with your arrows
Dark/Black Globule: Stack on the boss and AoE the adds.
Acidic/Green Globule: Spread around the battlefield so you won't get hit by an AoE attack.
Shadow/Purple Globule: No particular task for hunters since it's more of a healing problem.
Apparently, we'll be having trouble should a Yellow, Green, Black, and/or Red reach the boss together. Having so would cause confusion on whether the raid should stack or step away from each other. In reality, we really can't avoid two mechanics clash in a globule phase, so what's more logical is to kill the most threatening of the spawned globules and stack whatever happens.
The kill priority of the globules should be: Green > Yellow > Purple, meaning as much as possible, the raid should never move away from the boss for obvious reasons.
As Hunters, you should only worry about these if you don't have a reliable raid leader in your group. But if you do, just focus fire on the globule your raid leader shouts out, follow the reaction mechanics given above, and you'll be fine.
Once the fight's done, congratulations! You're one step away from finishing the first half of the Dragon Soul raid. Now let's hope that awesome staff and leggings token drop!


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