Hunter's Raiding Guide to Dragon Soul: Zon'Ozz

The huge chunk of Elemental evil named Mor'chok is down, and you've saved the Wyrmrest Temple from complete destruction, but the battle isn't over yet as two of Deathwing's most powerful allies are still lingering inside N'Zoth's rancid creations, waiting for the perfect time to put the Wyrmrest Accord to its final resting place. It's up to you and your raid to defeat these monstrosities so you can advance further into the Dragon Soul raid and destroy Deathwing for good! One at a time of course, and today we'll take down the weird mutant lobster, Warlond Zon'Ozz.
Overall, the fight is neither hard nor is it a DPS check. It's a simple positioning and moving encounter where you make sure the damage is split between your party members while you hit Zon'Ozz with the full might of your Hunter fury!
Before we go to the strat, let's talk about his abilities (many thanks to the people of for the info):
Focused Anger — Warlord Zon'ozz increasingly focuses his anger and rage, increasing his Physical damage done by 10% and his attack speed by 10%. This effect stacks.
Psychic Drain  — Warlord Zon'ozz channels a wave of psychic force in a 30-degree cone in front of the himself, dealing 120000[note 1] Shadow damage and leeching life for 10 times the amount of damage dealt.
Disrupting Shadows  — Warlord Zon'ozz covers random players with Disrupting Shadows. The effect inflicts 36099[note 2] Shadow damage every 2 seconds. The shadows also deal 60,100 Shadow damage and knockback the targeted player if the effect is dispelled.
Void of the Unmaking  — Warlord Zon'ozz summons a Void of the Unmaking. This void travels forward until it encounters a soul to absorb.
Void Diffusion  — When the Void collides with a player it diffuses, inflicting 180000[note 3] Shadow damage split evenly between nearby players. The force of this diffusion causes the void to ricochet in the opposite direction, and the absorbed souls increases the damage the Void inflicts by 20% per diffusion.
Black Blood Eruption  — If the Void of Unmaking reaches the outer edges of the Maw of Go'rath, it will spark a violent reaction. This eruption deals 60,000[note 4] Shadow damage to all targets within the maw, knocking them into the air
Zon'ozz Diffused  — When the Void collides with Warlord Zon'ozz, it inflicts a distracting shock to him. The Void Diffusion increases the damage Zon'ozz takes by 5% for every time the Void of the Unmaking bounces between players. This collision enrages Warlord Zon'ozz, causing him to awaken the Mouth of Go'rath and lose his Focused Anger. 
Before the fight (assuming you've already downed the tentacle mobs), the raid must be divided into three groups: the tank group, the melee dps group, and the ranged dps group. The healers should stay on either the melee or ranged group depending on each groups number. The entire point is to have both DPS group to have approximately the same number of players.
In terms of positioning, ranged DPS will be situated somewhere behind the boss, around 10 yards away from him, while the melee will be directly behind Zon'ozz. The reason why we're doing this is because of Zon'ozz's ability, Void of the Unmaking.
At the start of the battle, Hunters just do their regular rotation (and top the DPS charts while you're at it!). During this phase (yes, I forgot to mention that there are two phases in this fight, but we're in this part now, so this is happening) Zon'ozz will summon a Void of the Unmaking (a huge purple ball). The ball is immune to any damage. Its sole purpose is to reach the walls of the encounter area. Once it does reach the wall, everyone in the raid will receive immense damage and will be knocked into the air via Black Blood Eruption. If you're thinking straight, this should never happen, or else your healers are going to have a tough time healing everyone in the raid.
So how do we avoid the ball from reaching the walls? By blocking its way with your body! The Void of the Unmaking bounces away whenever it hits anyone in its path. However, whenever the ball hits someone, it deals 180,000 damage, killing whoever was foolish enought to block it. This is where your group comes into play. The Void actually splits the 180,000 damage among the players nearest to the person who came into contact with it. So whenever the ball is about to go to your group, make sure your entire group will engage it.
The ball should not hit Zon'ozz immediately as well, so while your tank or raid leader has yet to give the go signal on passing the ball to Zon'ozz, the ranged and melee should ping pong the ball and keep receiving its damage.
Once the ball hits Zon'ozz, the boss will be susceptible to your attacks, so hit him with all you've got during this phase. Once Zon'ozz regains his composure, it's back to phase one.
Overall, the fight is nothing short of a fun-fest. There's nothing really difficult about the encounter and it barely has any real life-threatening mechanics. All you've got to do is group up, hug those Void of Unmakings, and burn down that weird mutant lobster.
Now pray that he drops that sweet crossbow!


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