Level 80 Hunter Guide

The Hunter’s Mark: A Walkthrough Guide for New Level 80 Hunters

Hey Hunter! If you’re reading this, it must mean you've just ding to level 80 or are just freaking tired and bored playing an almost nonsensical game because you don’t know what to do after your toon reached level cap. Either way, congrats! A lot of hunters these days don’t know what happens when they reach level 80. Some already assume that they’re ready for the real world (of Warcraft) and begin making a laughing stock of themselves by trying to join end-game raids with gears they’ve gotten from level 78 quests in Zul’Drak. Well, I can’t blame them. But reaching the level cap doesn’t mean you’ve reached God-mode status, in fact, it is just the beginning of your long, but amazing journey in becoming a legendary hunter the game (or atleast your server) will ever see.

Hunters are one of the most popular choices of first-time WoW players when they begin their game. The advantages of hitting your enemies from afar, the ability to set traps, plus having a pet to fight by your side allows the toon to solo almost any quest that requires 2 or more players to conquer.

But as we hit the level cap (which in WotLK’s case, level 80), things start to change completely. Quests will no longer be much of importance unless they provide good gear or gold and doing Heroic Dungeons and Raid searching will become a daily routine. Soloing won’t be appealing anymore as we begin to join 10-man and 25-man raids. Hunters may have a couple of abilities that are useful to a raid, or party, but these are usually unnecessary and can be replaced by abilities of other classes.  These are a couple of reasons why some hunter players create new toons that can potentially be more efficient in end-game content.

So why the heck are we still alive? And can’t Blizzard do anything about it? Can’t we do anything about it? I am a loyal Hunter player and I want the raid to think that they need me and my class every time they do their runs.

Well, Mr. Hunter, I am pleased to tell you that we are needed and we are revered by our co-players. Basically of one aspect that us Hunters have been VERY competitive, especially when we’re in the right gear and shot rotation, DPS or Damage Per Second.

In any raid in the World of Warcraft, DPS has been the most sought after and the most played part in the game. Hunters are no strangers in the art of damage-dealing and are considered one of the top DPSers in most raids. When you obtain the right gear, the right talent tree, and become attuned to your shot rotations, you’ll be seeing a lot of green (color of Hunters) topping the DPS charts.

The question now is, how do we get from point A to point B? How do we make our Hunter toon into one lean mean DPS machine that can send some Mages, Boomkins, Rogues, and Warlocks crying?

Becoming a hard hitting hunter isn’t exactly a princess walk in the park. It will involve a lot of hard work as you begin farming for heroic dungeons, emblems, gold, and reputation. You may also consider respeccing your talent tree if you’ve spent your talent points just to reach the Exotic Pet talent of Beast Mastery. This guide intends to give you a walkthrough on what to do once you hit the magical level cap and what to consider as you make your way in becoming one of the best hunters in the game.

Stack up your arrows and repair your non-epic equipment, it’s hunting time!



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This is a terrific guide and

This is a terrific guide and it has helped me a lot. The one thing I notice that you didn't mention though is Glyphs... What glyphs do you recommend?

Hello ladyfantasim, Glad the

Hello ladyfantasim,

Glad the guide's been of help. :)

Some Major Glyphs depend on what playstyle or spec you have. But generally, having the Glyph of Serpent Sting and Glyph of Steady Shot will do wonders. For a Marksmanship Hunter, An extended Serpent Sting allows your Chimera shot to do more damage. And since you'll be having Serpent Sting up all the time, Glyph of Steady Shot will do 10% more damage than it usually do.

For the third it's a toss up between Glyph of Hunter's Mark or Chimera Shot (for Marksman) or Explosive Shot (for Survival). The only problem with the Glyph of Hunter's Mark is that you will always make sure that its YOUR Hunter's Mark that's on the boss (assuming there's more than 1 hunter in the raid). The glyph won't work if its someone else's Hunter's Mark there.

For Minor Glyphs, my picks would be the Glyph of Mend Pet, Glyph of Feign Death, and Glyph of Scare Beast.

Glyph of Mend Pet allows the Mend Pet ability to increase your pet's happiness, thus saving you the money or effort to buy or find food for your pet either in the Auction House or outdoors.

Glyph of Feign Death is more of a PvP thing for me though, but it can always help when you accidentally grab aggro (which should never happen!). Feign Death by itself works fine but the Glyph is like your warranty.

Glyph of Scare Beast will be helpful if you want your Crowd Control ability to work faster when under attack. Though you need to be careful when you use Scare Beast ability because they might run to mobs you don't want to draw attention to.

Hope that helps!

Nice guide. I just hit level

Nice guide. I just hit level 80 a couple of weeks ago and getting into raids is really hard even if I've farmed many heroics! You're right that nobody does Naxxramas and even Ulduar much anymore. They all do ICC and ToC, and they require high gearscore. I like Blizzard's idea of removing the GS from the inspection system!

Excellent guide!

Excellent guide!


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