Top 10 Best WOW Addons for Hunters

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Hunters are masters of traps, pets and incredible DPS. With a plethora of abilities that can cater to their PvE and PvP needs, Hunters are basically on top of the food chain when it comes to crowd controls and first-strikes. Though even with the awesomeness of the bow-wielders, Hunters need all the little help they need so they can make the most out of every shot, every debuff, and every CC they can muster.
Addons are incredibly helpful as they make your journey throughout World of Warcraft a little easier. There are addons for professions, auction houses, world exploration, boss fights, the list goes on. But what we need to concern ourselves now is what are the essential Addons a Hunter should have that would aid them in becoming one of the best raid member and the best DPS dealer in a group. Don't get me wrong, the addons won't directly increase your DPS, they're just there to tell the tale of your shot rotations and give suggestions on what you should do to improve your DPS.
1. JS' Hunter Bar: Most describe it as the holy grail of Hunter addons, and we see why. JS' Hunter Bar  conveniently tells how much focus you have, what debuffs are active, what traps are currently triggered, all in one single bar. It's pretty sweet because the graphic interface of the JS' Hunter bar is so dynamic, it might be the only thing you need to look out for rather than occasionally checking your tiny focus bar on the upper left corner of the screen. A must have for every Hunter out there.
2. Omen Threat Meter: The penultimate threat meter which notifies you if you're putting in too much threat in a fight. This is extremely helpful for boss fights because it allows you to strategically think about your next move, whether you need that extra MD or slow down on your Aimed/Explosive Shots. The addon also indicates how much threat your MD'd target is dealing and for how long will the MD threat generated last. It's basically a threat meter for all DPS dealing class.
3. GreenRange: Isn't it annoying whenever you try to run away from fire, your tank pulls the boss farther  away from your range, making you miss essential shots especially when special abilities proc? Well  RangeColors doesn't exactly help you solve your range problems by extending the range of your shots, but  it does visually notify you when your shots are out of range. It cleverly reds out shots when they're not 
in range.
4. TranqShotMonitor: Looking for a way to REALLY know if you've removed a buff from an enemy? Well TranqShotMonitor's got you covered. The addon notifies you and your party member when you've successfully removed a buff from an opponent/boss, so be prepared to stack up your ego as you gain praises from your groupmates.
5. DPS Check - Hunter: DPS check is an awesome addon that keeps track of your shots in a fight and  indicates where you might have gone wrong in your rotation/priorities. The addon will detect which shot  choices could have increased your DPS, what auto shots you've missed because of unnecessary movement, and so on. We're a bit hot and cold about this addon, but you can check it out for the fun.
6. Gun Silencer: Getting annoyed of the sound of your guns? Don't wanna miss out the awesome sounds of World of Warcraft just because you had to mute the sound effects for your guns? Well Gun Silencer solves your problem.
7. RaidCheckList - This isn't particularly a Hunter-specific addon, but nevertheless it's an amazing tool that shows you the buffs, debuffs and CC's available from the party. It's a perfect addon that gives you an idea on which pet you should bring along that can provide a buff/debuff that's not readily available in your group composition.
8. HunterHelper - It is a lightweight addon that helps increase situational awareness during combat. It notifies you when you've entered combat with no Aspect on or if Aspect of the Pack/Cheetah is on, if you've entered combat without a pet, plus a plethora of pet information ranging from their happiness information to their combat stance, just saying that you are a noob.
9. Recount/TinyDPS - Two of the best DPS counter addons in the game. The first one gives a little more detailed analysis of your DPS ranging from damage dealt, what shots did the most damage and so on. While TinyDPS is a good lightweight alternative for those having trouble with Recount's kinda heavy processing, although TinyDPS won't give you much details like Recount.
10. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - If you haven't heard of DBM yet, where have you been? DBM is the quintessential raiding tool for players as it warns them of incoming boss attacks, insta-chat to people that whispers to you during battles, and so on. Although an elite hunter would survive without it, it's always handy to have one around, especially if you're particularly new to the encounter.
And so there we have it.'s top 10 essential addons for the Hunter. Remember that these are only tools that help you make your World of Warcraft combat experience a little easier, but in the end, they're just tools. Everything will boil down to your skills and hunter instincts in delivering awesome DPS and becoming the best raid member out there.


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