Tradeskillmaster - the new gold making addon

Tradeskillmaster is the new ultimate gold making addon. Quick Auctions 3 used to be the king of addons when it comes to making gold, but it was discontinued and replaced by Auction Profit Master, which works very similar to Quick Auctions 3. However, Auction Profit Master is no longer operational. The same authors of the addon decide to make a new and improved addon - Tradeskillmaster. The functions of QA3/APM are still in Tradeskillmaster and they've decided to add other modules to make it the complete gold making addon. It is still in beta but it's worth trying right now! Download Tradeskillmaster + Modules.


Auctioning - this is your new QA3/APM put into one module. If you have used QA3/APM before, this is just the same thing. Your categories are on the left side and settings are on the right side.

If you have settings from  your APM, Tradeskillmaster can use these settings automatically when you first use this addon. You don't need to copy-paste some files from your world of warcraft folder anymore. Just keep on clicking OK :)

If you don't have group settings for the items that you want to post. Just open Tradeskillmaster (by typing /tsm or clicking on the minimap icon). Click on the second icon on the right that says Auctioning Groups. On the left side, you can see the groups that I have (some are really old groups from WOTLK). To create a group, click on categories/groups on the left side and click Create Category / Group.

A group contains the items that you want to post with similar settings (e.g. same fallback price, same quantity, etc.). Category is just for organization. For example, glyphs is one group, inks is another group but they fall under the category "inscription". It is also possible to create settings per category but it will override the group settings.

Once your groups and settings are set, talk to the auction guy and on the upper right hand, you will see a tab named TSM and click it. This will bring a new window. There will be buttons on the right side. To post your auctions, click on the first icon. Click the cancel button to cancel your posted auctions that were undercut. All the auctioning-status button does is scan your posted items one after another just to see who else is posting, how many, and how much it's going for. Instead of manually checking out your posted items by typing it, this button does it automatically. It doesn't do much, really.

One the icons to the right is named Auction DB - Run Scan. This tool will scan the current prices of the items/materials on certain professions (raw mats and crafted items). Use this tool before you try to craft anything for profit. For this example, I'm going to use Inscription. 

After running the scan, open up tradeskillmaster by typing /tsm or clicking the minimap icon. Click on your profession (in this example, inscription) and click on "show craft management window"

This window will pop up. It shows the things that you can craft with your profession and how much you can profit from it. Click on the items that you want to be crafted. Below it shows the raw materials you need to have in order to craft the items.

If you see that you need items from vendors, just talk to the appropriate vendor and click on the button "buy merchant items" it will automatically get you the vendor materials that you need.

If you need to buy items from the Auction House, tradeskill master has this button called Shopping - Crafting mats. This will help you shop for the items that you want crafted.

Once you get all the materials needed, you can craft your items by opening your professions window and clicking the TradeskillMaster_Crafting. This addon is still in beta phase. Sometimes, nothing will appear in your craft queue. Just log off and log back on and your craft queue will be fixed. Just keep on clicking "craft next" until you've crafted everything.

Another usefull tool is the Shopping-Dealfinding. This will automatically search for the items that you are always looking for. Just input the item and the max price that you are willing to pay per 1 item. This is quite useful if you're always looking around for certain items that get sold out quickly. Clicking Run Dealfinding Scan will automatically find these items for you. It will give you the choice whether to buyout the items or skip it.

Tradeskillmaster is the most complete gold making addon I've ever encountered. It is still in beta phase so additional functions may still be added. It can be quite confusing at first to use this addon but just re-read this article and try it out for yourself to get the hang of it. Happy gold making!


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