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Formulas updated for level 80

Well, it was a little slow coming, but I finally got around to updating the formulas page with the level 80 numbers.

So if you are looking for level 80 tanking stats, then this is the place to be!


Titanium Plating and Major Stamina

Hurray, patch 3.0.8 is finally here, and with it comes new toys!

First up is Titanium Plating, which is made by a Blacksmith. As currently listed on WoWHead, they require exalted with either Horde Expedition or Alliance Vanguard and can be made with 4 Titanium Bars and 4 Eternal Shadow.

Grants +40 Shield Block Value which is very nice!

In addition, a new Bracer enchant is being added as well.

Heigan the Unclean

Heigan can either be very simple or very difficult depending on how accustomed your raid is to moving.  The trash before the boss’ room used to be a gauntlet, but it no longer is so you can clear it at your leisure and have plenty of time for everyone to move up and take a look at the room before the fight starts.  The boss has an aura that slows casting time by a whole bunch but it is easily avoided by not having casters stand anywhere nea

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen (4HM) used to be something special.  The fight was considered the pinnacle of vanilla WoW.  It was extremely technical and it came down almost entirely to execution, not RNG or gear or dps.  The only drawback of the fight was that it required a lot of tanks and they all had to be geared pretty well.  Before I talk about how to do the fight now, I want to talk about how it was done at 60 because I think it is pretty cool to


Thaddius can be very difficult for people who have trouble distinguishing between right and left and/or using their eyeballs.  To start the fight the raid has to kill two mini bosses, Stalagg and Fuegen.  You need to split your dps and your healers between the two platforms so that you kill both of them within a few seconds of each other.  At 60, if you didn’t kill them at the same time, the one still alive would enrage and kill a whole bun


Of the 4 end bosses, Maexxna is probably the one you will see first because the rest of the spider wing is quite easy.  The fight is all about DPS, as a tank, you don’t need to worry about anything until the boss gets to 30%.


Loatheb used to be pretty ridiculous.  Everyone in the raid needed to have shadow protection potions, bandages, healthstones, the things from felwood and needed to be totally stacked with consumables (this was back when you could have multiple elixirs and flasks and food buffs all at the same time).  In addition to the huge consumable farming requirements, you would also commonly see guilds collecting world buffs (Onyxia and Nefarion head, Hakkar’s heart, Dire Maul N

Happy new year!

I will go ahead and interrupt the constant flow of tanking related articles here on the front page (how dare I!) to wish everyone a happy new year. 2009 for me is among other things the year where the bulk of WotLK takes place, so I am anxious to see what lays ahead (Ulduar, Icecrown and whatnot).

Read on and tank hard

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Yes, it really is that good

I feel like every other thread on Tankspot is about deep wounds. And every other post in those threads it someone saying, ‘I don’t like putting dots on mobs’ or, ‘my crit is too low for it to work’, or ‘I don’t want to give up all my survivability’ or ‘I tried it and it wasn’t that good’. It is driving me crazy. Yes, you are putting dots on mobs but nobody uses CC anymore so it really doesn’t have a negative effect, it will however increase aoe threat. Yes, your crit looks low at a glance, but check your talents and consider raid buffs – you have plenty of crit.

Level 80 Tanking Consumables

Kadomi over at Tank Like a Girl has posted a nice write up on Level 80 Tanking Consumables.

I used to always use Flask of Fortification, but I am finding that Flasks just aren’t giving the punch I want these days. My new combo of choice is:


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