Fishing Away

Dear Blizzard,

I’ve been through it all from leveling up multiple characters to 80 to spending hours wiping in the original Molten Core all the way through the Ice Crown Citadel. I’ve gotten every profession to the max level and every secondary profession to the max level that is … except for Fishing.

I pull out my raggedy old umbrella at the beach and relax, telling myself that I will finish getting my fishing skill up. As I begin to fish, I click on the bobber when it moves and loot my Longjaw Mud Snapper. I do this again, and again, and again. Eleven times I loot the Longjaw Mud Snappers as I watch my skill go up …by 1. By the time I’ve looted a couple more fish I have had it. I’m done! What am I doing sitting here wasting my time?

That was until Cataclysm was released.

Thank You Blizzard for fixing fishing. I’m so very glad you made Fishing so rewarding, so entertaining. It makes the game for me. With Cataclysm's release I saw that you changed the icon that you click the bobber with. What an addition! That was the key … the secret to making fishing fun!

After 6 years of creating and maintaining the status of the most successful MMO, I’m very glad that you figured out how to make fishing enjoyable. Most importantly, I think you really tackled the issue of leveling up so its not extremely tedious.

To the Blizzard employee who made this addition, kudos to you. I hope you got a promotion, because you Sir, are one of a kind.

The guy who hates fishing but continues to do it anyways


I have really never enjoyed

I have really never enjoyed fishing. Even as a hunter, when is was the cheapest way to feed some pets. I forever found it the most boring thing to do in the game.


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